How Do I Choose the Best Cereal Bowl?

D. Grey

Choosing the best cereal bowl may come down to making a selection based upon style, function, or both. There are plenty of style options that give you room to express your preferences. While the style of the bowl can be important, it may be necessary to choose a cereal bowl based on function, choosing an item that will give the best performance possible for its intended use. Furthermore, you may also want to select a variety of accessories to go with the bowl and then choose the bowl accordingly.

A person might choose to use a glass bowl for their cereal.
A person might choose to use a glass bowl for their cereal.

The style options available for a cereal bowl are numerous with bowls made out of glass or ceramic, unadorned or with fancy or unique patterns. Choosing the best bowl is largely a matter of your tastes and preferences. Glass bowls may be engraved while ceramic bowls can be found in almost any color imaginable. Buyers should be careful to note whether the bowl is safe to eat out of or is merely a display piece. This is especially important if it will double as a soup bowl as some paints are not microwave-safe.

Ceramic bowls come in various colors to suit an individual's style.
Ceramic bowls come in various colors to suit an individual's style.

Another common deciding factor is the function of the bowl. If you have young children, you might consider plastic bowls as they generally won't break if dropped. Bowls with easily removable lids may be useful for travel, such as trips to school with cereal or for a picnic. It should be noted that the milk for the cereal should be stored in a separate container, as including it in the bowl that contains the cereal can result in the cereal becoming quite soggy, which may be unappealing for some eaters.

Your choice of cereal bowl may also be based on the accessories that you want to go with it. Items such as milk pitchers or plates that are made out of the same materials or that have similar designs may be available for purchase. This can result in a more aesthetically pleasing breakfast set-up. Regardless of how or why the bowl is chosen, if the item pleases you and performs adequately, there can be little doubt in your mind that the correct choice was made.

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I tend to drink the remaining milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl, so I like those plastic bowls that have straws built into them. I realize this sounds a little childish, but I've always enjoyed the taste of milk sweetened by cereal. The straw helps me drink it without having to lift the entire bowl up to my mouth and possibly spill milk all over the place.


I've seen cereal bowls that have two separate compartments, one for the dry cereal and another for the milk and wet cereal. The user can add dry cereal to the milk side as necessary, thus preventing the cereal from becoming too soggy. I think I like that idea.

Personally, I find that most cereal bowls aren't big enough to handle what I call a good serving size. If I add the cereal first and then pour the milk over it, the cereal on top tends to float out of the bowl. I generally use a larger bowl, like a mixing bowl or a salad/soup bowl. I have found some oversized ceramic cereal bowls that work well, however, along the lines of oversized coffee cups for heavy coffee drinkers.

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