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How Do I Choose the Best Cell Phone Holster?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

A cell phone holster is a protective case that can often be attached to your waist through a clip. This type of accessory keeps your phone easily accessible without requiring you to hold it, allowing you to quickly reach it when it rings. One of the main details to consider is the cell phone holster material, as it should be tough enough to protect your phone from scratches or other types of wear and tear. Many of the top quality cell phone holsters also feature an inner lining that can protect the screen from scratches, as well as the ability to attach the holster to more than just your belt, such as your car's air vents. A final detail to consider when choosing a cellular phone holster is whether the one you want fits your phone.

While the main point of a cell phone holster is usually to keep the device within easy reach, many of the best holsters can keep it looking nice at the same time — as long as the material is tough enough. One of the strongest materials available — and one of the most expensive — is leather, which tends to provide a thick layer of protection without being too heavy to comfortably attach to your clothing. If you are determined to get good protection for a decent price, neoprene may be a good choice, because this rubbery material is lightweight, resistant to water, and can protect your phone from scratches despite the material's thinness. Another affordable option is nylon, which is typically rugged and provides a secure fit for most phones. If you want a holster simply to keep your phone within easy reach, with or without also protecting it, a plastic holster is typically the cheapest option.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

Many cell phone holsters can protect your phone from being damaged when dropped on the ground, but some end up scratching the screen when the phone is inserted. It is wise, therefore, to find one with a soft inner lining to protect all parts of the phone. In addition, most cell phone holsters clip onto a person's pants or skirt at the waist, but you do have other options as to where to attach the device. For instance, you can get a cell phone holster that attaches to an air vent in your car if you wish to keep it handy while you drive. You also can look for holsters that affix to the dashboard or car window, and some can be angled so you can see the screen from any seat in the car.

Keep in mind that not all holsters will fit all cell phones. Many products specify which phones they fit, so pay attention to this detail to ensure that the fit is not too loose or overly tight. There are universal holsters that claim to work well for a variety of phones, but the fit is not guaranteed, so you should try it out to be sure your phone fits before buying a cell phone holster.

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@Terrificli -- I once had a case and holster combo that was annoying. A small hook was on the back of the case and it served as a catch for the holster. That hook was very uncomfortable when I had the case on my shoulder, but at least the holster was tiny. It was just a piece of plastic meant to hold the hook and case in place.

I learned to hate that case and holsters. Most phone manufacturers know that people can take or leave those cases, to they build them so that the phone will fit in them completely and there are no external gadgets to secure them. That way, you can simply toss out the holster if you want to carry the phone in a pocket or whatever. That product is much better, I think.


A lot of cell phone case manufacturers make picking a holster an easy task because they include one for free with the case. If you like the case, then you don't have much choice but to like the holster and you won't have a lot of options for that case, anyway. You can simply take it or leave it.

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone