How do I Choose the Best Cabinet Latches?

Solomon Branch

In order to choose the best cabinet latches, you need to decide on their appearance and how they function. Some latches are made solely to child-proof a cabinet, whereas others are made to lock the cabinet to keep something safe. Most latches are used to avoid the cabinet from opening inadvertently. Besides determining what you want your latch to do and how it should look, choosing one that is made of a good quality material is another consideration. The better the material, the longer the latch will last.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

A common use for cabinet latches is to keep a child out of a cabinet. There are specially designed latches for this, and they often are made so that they leave room between the door and the cabinet to avoid the child’s fingers from being smashed while still keeping the cabinet shut. Most stores have them specially marked as such, and they are often not as expensive as cabinet latches made for other purposes.

The majority of cabinet latches are a simple design. They have a knob that turns or slides an arm into a catch to hold the door in place, or may hold in place with a magnet or simple catch. Cabinet latches are usually made of stainless steel, iron, brass, or bronze. Cheaper ones are made of aluminum or plastic. Stainless steel, brass, and bronze are more expensive but are often more durable. Brass and bronze latches are often used in designs that are antique and elegant in appearance. Aluminum and plastic typically don’t look as nice and don’t last as long.

A basic latch will work if you only need to keep the cabinet shut. If you want more security, choosing a latch that locks with a key or combination will suit you better. Many cabinet latches are designed to have a key that looks like an antique, but there are a wide variety of styles available.

If you are concerned about price and want something simple, the plastic and aluminum cabinet latches are the most inexpensive styles. They are often held in place by a magnet as opposed to the arm and catch style of more expensive cabinet latches. Although these types are simple, they are functional but will not last as long as more durable material and are more prone to bend or break. If you are using the latches for a cabinet that you won’t access often, such as one in a garage or storage room, they should work fine.

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