How Do I Choose the Best Bunk Bed Frame?

D. Grey

In order to choose the best bunk bed frame possible, select a frame that is an appropriate size for the room it will be placed in and for any mattresses that will be used. Make sure that it is sturdy and strongly built. The bunk bed frame should fit well in the space in which it is going to be placed, so measure the space beforehand. Remember to leave adequate space between the top bunk and the ceiling, accounting for the height that a mattress will add. The bunk bed frame should be very strong enough to support both the top and bottom bunk.

Some bunk bed frames require assembly.
Some bunk bed frames require assembly.

When planning to place a bunk bed frame, measure the area it which it will be placed, accounting for both width and height. The best frame will fit well enough to leave plenty of room for sleepers to enter and exit the bunks, particularly the top bunk. The frame should also have a firmly attached and strong rail guard, to prevent restless sleepers from accidentally rolling off the top bunk. If the frame fits well, it may be placed next to a wall or in the corner of a room, which can also help to keep a sleeper safely on the mattress.

Comfort and cost are two key considerations when purchasing a bunk bed frame.
Comfort and cost are two key considerations when purchasing a bunk bed frame.

An ideal bunk bed frame will have a safe and easy way for the person sleeping in the top bunk to get there. If a ladder or other climbing apparatus is attached to the frame to accomplish this, remember to ensure that the ladder is well attached to the frame. The ladder should not overlap the mattresses or otherwise interfere with the comfort of those using the bunks.

After confirming the general sturdiness of the bunk bed frame, check to see that the slats that hold the mattresses have been properly made and are strong enough to support the mattress as well as the individuals who will be sleeping on them. If any of the slats show cracking or signs of breaking, they should be replaced before the frame is used. The posts that hold up the top bunk should also be checked for any sign of damage or wear.

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