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How Do I Choose the Best Buckle Riding Boots?

Mark Wollacott
Mark Wollacott

You most important considerations for the best buckle riding boots are function and comfort. Riding boots were originally the boots worn for horse riding and then became the boots worn while motorbike riding. Your reason for buying them does not have to be to ride something; it could just be because you like the style.

Your first step when choosing a pair of buckle riding boots is to consider function. Do you want the boots for horseback riding or bike riding, or do you want them for stylistic purposes? Furthermore, you should consider if they are going to be used long-term or for a one-off party such as a costume party. Items for a one-off party do not need to be durable and the best boots for you would be a cheap pair, possibly second-hand, that you can dispose of easily or donate to charity when you are done with them.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

During the trying-on phase, you can examine how durable the boots are. First, a good boot will have a solid sole to it. Like with hiking boots, good buckle riding boots will have a metal plate in the sole, making it impossible to bend the sole in half. This will protect your foot while walking. Check the quality of the leather, whether the boot has a waterproof lining or not, and the toecap. While a boot does not have to have a steel toecap, it does offer the best protection for the toes.

The buckles of buckle riding boots are important as well. The number of buckles will vary from boot to boot. Motorbike riding boots will tend to have one big buckle. Ladies riding boots may have a number of buckles running up the boot along the calf. A good buckle will be well stitched with a number of holes, but remember, you can make new holes in the buckle if it makes the boots more comfortable.

If you are buying your buckle riding boots in order to look stylish rather than to ride a bike or horse, then there are different considerations. While boot quality is important, you want the boots to look good on you. Things to consider here are whether you want to have ankle-, calf- or thigh-high boots and whether you want big or small buckles. You will also want to consider the color of the boots. Consider what colors you tend to wear in terms of clothes and what color boots match them; for example, if you wear skirts and tops, then try to match the boots to as many tops as possible to give you a wider choice of fashion when choosing an outfit.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip