How Do I Choose the Best Bread Box?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Some bread boxes also feature a cutting board.
Some bread boxes also feature a cutting board.

When choosing a bread box, consider where you will store it. If you have limited counter space, choose a bread bin that mounts under the cabinet. If you prefer, you can choose a retractable bread container made of plastic that is dishwasher safe. Whether you choose a bread box made of metal or wood, choose something easy to clean and durable, as it will be handled quite often. Whatever style you select, it should have a tight-fitting lid that does not allow air in.

As you shop for a bread box, you may find several styles and designs to choose from. The bread box should be large enough to store your bread or rolls, without being overly bulky or requiring a lot of counter space. If you plan on storing your bread bin in a kitchen drawer, take measurements to be sure it will fit.

Notice the construction of the bread bin. Check the hinges on the bread box as well, to be sure it is secure and well mounted. There should be no squeaks or looseness when opening and closing the lid. In addition, look for non-slip feet to keep the bin from sliding around.

For durability, consider a ceramic or stoneware bread box. A stoneware storage container could be more expensive than wood or metal and require more counter space, but it may last longer. Another advantage of a stoneware bread box is easy maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, stoneware may not attract pests as wood boxes sometimes do.

Wood bread boxes, however, are a good choice for country style kitchens. Many wooden bread boxes fit the decor of rustic cottages and cabins. Oak, pine, teak, or beechwood are often used for making bread boxes.

Look for a wooden storage box with a roll-top design, which is more durable than hinge-design bread boxes and may last longer. It is also easier to store the roll top bread bin in a drawer or on a shelf. Alternately, flat-top bread boxes are a good stackable option. Stackable bread boxes allow you to store a loaf of bread in one bin, and rolls or buns in another.

Some bread bins come with a cutting board that fits neatly underneath. This is convenient for protecting your counters from scratches while slicing your bread. A bread box with a glass cutting board is easiest to disinfect.

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    • Some bread boxes also feature a cutting board.
      By: Greg Brave
      Some bread boxes also feature a cutting board.