How Do I Choose the Best Box Spring Bed Frame?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan
Most box spring bed frames require some assembly.
Most box spring bed frames require some assembly.

The best box spring bed frame will be the correct size for your box spring, a comfortable height for you, and compatible with your existing headboard and footboard, if applicable. If you don't have a headboard or foot board, you may choose a wooden bed frame. These are more expensive but also more aesthetically pleasing than metal frames.

Some box spring bed frames are made to integrate with a variety of head boards and foot boards. Typically, the frame will have an adjustable bracket or a bracket with several levels of pre-bored holes so that the headboard and footboard can be attached. In order to determine if a box spring bed frame will accommodate your existing bed, measure the distance from the floor to the hole where the frame is attached. If there is more than one hole, measure the distance between the holes as well as the length from the floor. Usually, a bed frame with adjustable legs can be fitted to attach to a headboard and footboard.

Keep in mind that a box spring and mattress in combination with a tall box spring bed frame can make a bed quite high. If you store items under the bed, this may be preferable. Even so, a bed that is too high may be problematic, since it would be difficult to sit on the bed, and shorter adults and children might actually need a stool to climb up.

Most box spring bed frames require some assembly. There are companies that offer assembly for your box spring bed frame, which is sometimes complimentary if you also purchase a bedroom suite or mattress, but often, there is a fee. The assembly process is not difficult, but it helps to have someone else on hand to assist you if you choose to assemble the bed frame yourself.

Although most box spring bed frames are made of metal, there are some that are made of wood. These are typically more expensive, although some individuals believe that wooden box springs are more comfortable. As long as the wood is good quality and well supported, it can last as long as a metal frame. Usually, wooden bed frames for all but a small twin size require middle supports. Metal frames only use supports for queen- and king-sized bed frames.

For an aesthetically pleasing bed frame, wooden frames are the best choice. Typically, the legs of metal bed frames are designed to sit slightly inside the frame so that they cannot be seen once the mattress is in place. Even so, a bedskirt is required to cover them entirely. Wooden bed frame legs are made to be seen, and are usually very attractive.

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    • Most box spring bed frames require some assembly.
      By: doble.d
      Most box spring bed frames require some assembly.