How do I Choose the Best Bookkeeping Courses?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois
A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.
A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.

There are four steps necessary to choose the best bookkeeping courses: accreditation, faculty, course material, and certification. Bookkeeping is the process of recording all financial transactions for a business operation. The role of bookkeeper is very important and usually found in small to medium size companies.

Bookkeeper courses provide an opportunity to learn basic accounting information and obtain a certification as a professional. This process provides valuable training that increases your skills, knowledge and the salary range you can request from employers. People who report the greatest satisfaction with bookkeeping courses are detail-oriented, focused, and enjoy working with numbers.

A bookkeeper at his desk.
A bookkeeper at his desk.

When looking for a bookkeeping course, the first item to check is the accreditation status. An accredited school has been reviewed by an independent third party. The academic and administrative policies are inspected and compared with a minimum standard. Courses from an accredited school can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions and are accepted by certifying and licensing boards. In addition, accredited schools are able to offer students access to government student aid programs.

Review the qualifications of the faculty or course instructors. They should be skilled, experienced professionals in their respective fields. For example, financial accounting classes should be taught by an accountant and commercial law by a lawyer. Take the time to investigate the academic credentials of the instructors before selecting the best bookkeeping courses.

Bookkeeping courses are available from a wide range of community and career colleges, both traditional and online. When selecting a school, be sure to review the details of the courses available. Read the course descriptions and make sure that the material is current and relevant. All tax courses should be based on the current legislation and computer system classes should be using the most recent version.

Many bookkeeping courses lead to certification as a bookkeeper. This is a valuable process, as it provides a recognized level of achievement and skill. The certificate usually requires a specific number of courses that address basic bookkeeping skills. Additional courses in payroll, inventory or other subjects can be completed later and added to bookkeeping certification.

A bookkeeper provides entry-level accounting support and is responsible for maintaining financial records and creating reports throughout the year. An accountant provides additional support when filing income taxes and conducting an audit of the financial records. Bookkeeping courses can sometimes be transferred toward a degree in accounting, should you choose to advance your career.

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Is it possible to do bookkeeping when someone hasn't done metrics?


I am looking to take bookkeeping courses here in Phoenix, Arizona. Does anyone know of any great schools for this? I do not want some average, so-so school.


Is it necessary to have taken certified or accredited bookkeeping courses before anybody will hire you as a bookkeeper? Of course, I would kind of thing no, but here's wishful hoping...


Does anybody know if there are any reputable free online bookkeeping courses? I'd love to take an accredited online bookkeeping course, but I can't seem to find one.

Can anybody help me out?


I am a high school senior interested in going to college for accounting. Right now I'm trying to gain as much bookkeeping training before I go, so does anybody know if there are any online bookkeeping training courses that I could take, maybe over the coming holidays?

I just really want to get some experience before I start in on real accounting and bookkeeping courses at college.

I'd appreciate any feedback or advice.



how do you become a bookkeeper if you have geography in your studies and does the bookkeeping job earn a lot of money? which is the best bookkeeping job: marketing, secretary, administration.

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    • A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.
      By: Danny Hooks
      A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.
    • A bookkeeper at his desk.
      By: auremar
      A bookkeeper at his desk.