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How Do I Choose the Best Body Spray for Women?

Solomon Branch
Solomon Branch

Body spray is essentially deodorant for your body that is similar to perfume, as it comes in a variety of fragrances. Choosing the best body spray for women is largely a personal choice, but you should consider how powerful you want the scent to be and how long it should last, as not all body sprays are created equally.

Men also use these products, but a body spray for women will usually have a more fragrant aroma. A good body spray for women will also take into the difference between men’s and women’s skin, as women tend to have lighter, more delicate skin than men. The pH balance on women’s skin is also different from men’s, and that can affect how the spray smells when applied, as well. Although unisex body sprays are available, the best body spray for a woman will usually be made specifically for a female.

A can of aerosol body spray.
A can of aerosol body spray.

The best way to test a body spray for women is by spraying it on. Even though it may be formulated for a woman, each woman has different body chemistry that will alter the aroma in some way. By spraying it on the skin, you can also tell how long it will last.

If you are unsure of what type of spray you want, checking with female friends who wear them can help, as can referencing magazines or online review sites. Some online stores list their top selling sprays; although that is not always a reliable method for checking what will work for you, it can help give you an idea of what’s available. In some cases, you may be able to write the company for a sample of a particular spray or find it in a store and try it on, which is helpful if you want to purchase it online.

Some women prefer citrus-based body sprays while others like more floral scented sprays.
Some women prefer citrus-based body sprays while others like more floral scented sprays.

In addition to online stores, a variety of brick-and-mortar stores usually sell some type of body spray for women, including bed and bath-type stores, perfume stores and women’s health stores. One advantage to buying it in an actual store is the sales person might be able to recommend a particular spray or show you several samples. Although not as readily available as perfume, many stores do have samples of body sprays.

Another option is making your own body spray. Using a spray bottle and simple ingredients, you can easily create something that will smell good and last. Making it for yourself also allows you to choose your own ingredients, which is particularly helpful if you want to ensure you use only organic ingredients or specialized aromas.

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@talentryto- I love sweet scented perfumes and body sprays too, and I don't think you can ever go wrong with those that smell like vanilla. This scent is very popular, and is pleasing to most people. It is also very versatile because it goes well with other scented products like lotions and body washes.


@talentryto- There are body sprays available that smell like just about any fruit you can think of. If a woman prefers sweet smells, you should try getting her a variety of body sprays that smell like her favorite fruits.

Citrus, berry, and apple are some of the most popular fruits scents available in body sprays. You can find them in the perfume sections of most retail stores and in specialty boutiques that focus on products for women. Most stores that carry body sprays offer in-store sample bottles so you can get a whiff before you buy them.


I'm looking for a nice body spray as a gift for a friend, but there are so many types available that it is difficult to choose. I'm looking for some suggestions for a nice scent for a lady who prefers sweet aromas over floral ones.

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    • A can of aerosol body spray.
      By: difught
      A can of aerosol body spray.
    • Some women prefer citrus-based body sprays while others like more floral scented sprays.
      By: Borys Shevchuk
      Some women prefer citrus-based body sprays while others like more floral scented sprays.