How Do I Choose the Best Body Butter?

Brandon May

There are many different types of body butter available on the market, covering a wide variety of scents, colors and textures to suit each individual taste. Finding an organic body butter might be important for those seeking a natural moisturizer that doesn't include synthetic ingredients like parabens or sulfates. Nature-based body butters may help reduce allergies to these synthetic ingredients; however, natural ingredients that are commonly found in cosmetics like lavender or chamomile can also be allergenic to some people. Since many body butters contain scents, finding a scent that is pleasing and will not be overpowering may be a wise decision.

Cocoa butter is made from the cacao seed.
Cocoa butter is made from the cacao seed.

When finding a body butter, it may be important to find a product that does not use chemical ingredients or derivatives. Organic versions would be the best choice for these reasons, as most body butters that are certified organic or vegan often contain only plant-based ingredients. These ingredients can still be allergenic to some people, making it important to read the ingredient label of any natural or organic moisturizer or bath and body product. Most alternative body butters will contain aromatic and fragrant ingredients like rosemary or cacao butter, both nutrient-rich ingredients believed to soothe and nourish the skin.

Cacao butter can be used to moisten and protect the skin.
Cacao butter can be used to moisten and protect the skin.

Some body butters are often greasy or oily, which can be a problem for people with acne-prone skin. Researching the right moisturizer for your skin type may be ideal, perhaps by searching the Internet or asking professional beauticians their opinion based on your skin. Finding a neutral body butter, one that doesn't contain any scents or colorings, may be best if using other skin products, as additional ingredients may interfere with these products. Testing a small amount of a moisturizer on your skin after applying other skin products will help determine any interactions.

Finding a body butter that contains a pleasing scent is important to many people, which is often not difficult due to the many varieties of body butters available on the market. Sometimes it may be ideal to create a homemade body butter if seeking natural or more affordable ways of obtaining additional moisture for the skin. Using oils from coconut, olive or cocoa, combined with a neutral moisturizer can create a simple moisturizer or body butter without chemical irritants. Adding a drop of essential oil can help bring a more pleasing aroma to your homemade body butter; however, it is important to make sure that this essential oil does not irritate the skin.

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