How Do I Choose the Best Bleaching Cream for Hair?

Nick Mann

Bleaching cream for hair is needed to lighten it or prepare it for certain dyes. With so many products on the market, making a choice can sometimes seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it's possible for most people to find a quality bleaching cream by paying attention to three essential factors. These include inspecting different color samples, picking an appropriate strength and finding a product that includes instructions.

When bleaching hair, it's necessary to wear gloves to protect the hands.
When bleaching hair, it's necessary to wear gloves to protect the hands.

For those who wish to use bleaching cream for hair before dying it, it is important to visit a pharmacy or store with hair dye color samples. Usually these are beneficial because individuals can place them next to the skin. Then different products and samples can be checked to find a color to adequately complement one's skin tone. Since there are numerous products available, it's best to sample at least three or four before making a decision. In this way, the ideal color can be chosen.

Going from black to blonde hair can do the most damage to hair.
Going from black to blonde hair can do the most damage to hair.

The next thing to look for is a product with an appropriate strength for the individual's natural hair color. Basically, bleaching cream for hair is separated into various volumes. Higher volume numbers like 30 and 40 are significantly stronger than lower volume numbers like 10 and 20. This number should be located on the outside of the product's box. If a person has naturally dark brown or black hair, then she will need higher strength bleach to lighten her hair than someone with light brown hair.

If a woman has naturally dark hair, she will need higher strength bleach to lighten her hair.
If a woman has naturally dark hair, she will need higher strength bleach to lighten her hair.

While it's important to find an effective bleaching cream, it's also important to stay safe. Therefore, it's crucial to not go above a product of 30 volume. This is because going beyond 30 volume can have adverse effects on a person's scalp. For example, 40 volume bleaching cream for hair can leave painful burns behind, and so should not be used by non-professionals. If the individual has very dark hair, then it's usually necessary to purchase two bleach kits to use in succession.

An additional part of making a selection is only purchasing a product that includes an instruction packet. Since bleaching creams often differ in the mixing and application process, it's vital to have instructions as a reference point. This will make it simple when it comes time to prepare the cream and add the proper amount of developer. In addition, most instructions will demonstrate how to safely test the product on a small area of hair before bleaching the entire head. If a product doesn't have instructions, then it's likely to be a low end bleaching cream for hair and could be potentially dangerous.

Most bleaching creams come with an instruction packet.
Most bleaching creams come with an instruction packet.

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Hi, this is some real great information. I'm planning on bleaching my hair for the first time next month.

I just wanted to ask, is there a non-damaging bleaching cream available? Maybe something with less ammonia?

I imagine that it has to have ammonia to lighten hair but maybe there might be bleaching creams which have less of this and so are less damaging?


I think choosing the best bleaching cream really depends on your hair type and color.

I have thin hair that is a light brown and I know that some brands on the market are way too harsh for my hair and do a lot of damage. I have friends who use the same brands without damage and with good results because their hair is a different color and thicker.

So, depending on where you live, I would recommend looking up some of the brands that are available and asking around about them. If you have relatives or friends with the same hair type/color who bleach their hair, their advice can be very beneficial.

Without knowing more about someone's hair, I don't think I could advice anyone on which cream they should use.


Bleaching hair is not the easiest thing to do. I think it is best done by a professional but I also understand that going to professional salons all the time can cost a lot.

I have bleached my hair myself once. I actually went to a store which sells hair supplies and spoke with the ladies who worked there. They are not really supposed to help people choose dyes but I said that I just want advice. Of course, when you choose to bleach or dye your own hair, the results are your responsibility.

Since I have dark hair, I picked up the color I wanted and then a 30 strength developer. They say that when you do bleaching, you should start out several tones lighter and not select a dramatically different color because the results might not come out right and it could burn your hair. So I selected an ash blonde color which I felt my hair could easily change to.

I also did a test run with some strands first to make sure it was coming out the way I wanted. This is a must to avoid making mistakes and bleaching your entire head with the wrong product.

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