How Do I Choose the Best Bistro Furniture Sets?

Dan Cavallari

Start choosing the best bistro furniture sets by determining whether you will be using the set indoors or outdoors. This will have an effect on both the materials used and the aesthetic of the set. Bistro furniture sets intended for outdoor use will need to be made from waterproof materials or materials treated with waterproof coverings or coatings. Indoor bistro sets will not need such waterproofing, and indoor sets may be upholstered as well, since it is less likely that the indoor furniture will get substantially wet or dirty at any point.

Bistro furniture is commonly seen in coffee shops and sidewalk cafes.
Bistro furniture is commonly seen in coffee shops and sidewalk cafes.

Regardless of the bistro furniture sets you are considering purchasing, be sure to choose furniture that can be cleaned and maintained easily. This will depend largely on the materials used to construct the furniture. Outdoor bistro furniture sets are often made of wrought iron, steel, and plastic. Plastic is easy to clean and it is relatively durable, though it is perhaps the least attractive option. If you are on a tight budget, plastic bistro furniture sets may be the ideal solution for you. Wrought iron sets are common, though these will require more maintenance, since iron is susceptible to rust. Be sure to find out if the furniture is true wrought iron, or if it is cast iron or steel made in the image of wrought iron. True wrought iron will be quite expensive since it is far less common than it once was.

Bistro furniture sets usually include a table and two chairs. Each piece of furniture in the set will need to be stable and attractive, and the style and design choice will largely be a matter of preference. Make sure, however, that you choose a set that is attractive to you as well as functional: bistro tables are generally fairly small, which means a few drinks and maybe a plate or two is all that will fit on the tabletop. If this does not suit your needs, consider purchasing a different furniture set with more space.

If you are considering bistro furniture sets that are upholstered, try to choose upholstery that is easy to clean. Natural fibers can be treated with chemicals that will resist stains and water damage, while many synthetic materials will be water-resistant or waterproof by nature. The color and pattern of the upholstery is entirely up to your preferences, though it is important to choose a set with upholstery that matches or otherwise complements the overall aesthetic of the furniture.

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