How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Wallpaper?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best bespoke wallpaper involves thinking about the space in which the wallpaper will be placed, your personal design preferences, and the cost and availability of the wallpaper. In many cases, bespoke wallpaper is made to order, and small modifications can be made, but wallpaper that is printed entirely from the customer's design is typically thought of as custom rather than bespoke, even though in some cases these terms are used synonymously. Designers who make bespoke wallpaper may be willing to consult with clients to create wallpaper appropriate for a given space, but this is often an expensive solution. The best wallpaper must not only look appropriate, but must also fit your budget as well.

Many wallpaper suppliers provide swatches for customers to try out.
Many wallpaper suppliers provide swatches for customers to try out.

Bespoke wallpaper is a type of wallpaper that is usually made to order and takes into consideration the needs of the customer. This means that details like color can sometimes be modified, but the overall design is typically the work of an artist. Often, wallpaper of this type is very expensive because it is a work of art rather than a factory-printed product. Many artists who produce wallpaper of this type do so entirely by hand, which can also increase the cost of this type of decoration.

While it is possible to buy bespoke patterned wallpaper, many people find that purchasing wallpaper that creates a mural is a better use of an artist's talent. These murals can be made to fit any size room, and the designer may have an opinion about the best design for a given space. Choosing the best mural is often more complicated than choosing a pattern because it is not a feature that can be covered up in most cases.

When choosing bespoke wallpaper from your own design, it is important to take into consideration what the wallpaper will look like when printed. A design that looks good in a small sample may be garish on a large wall. Ordering custom wallpaper this way is not limited to your own designs either. Often, custom wallpaper can be manufactured for a specific project with an artist's permission or using designs in the public domain.

Cost is a major consideration when choosing bespoke wallpaper, because this type of decoration can be much more expensive than manufactured wallpaper. Mending or replacing bespoke wallpaper elegantly is also problematic because many of these pieces are highly unique and cannot be duplicated well. Making sure that the entire project fits within your budget is essential, and possible future repairs must also be taken into consideration. Bespoke wallpaper is an investment and is therefore often inappropriate for spaces in which the wallpaper may get damaged.

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