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How Do I Choose the Best Beginner's Trumpet?

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Choose the best beginner’s trumpet by testing out the instrument and inspecting its construction. The valves on the trumpet should be easy to press down and not get stuck. Looking at the bracing, the connections between the tubes and the bell of the instrument can help buyers determine whether the instrument is sufficiently durable. Most student trumpets will not be perfect in construction and sound quality, but should be playable and appear durable. The most important thing for buyers is to try out a trumpet before buying it, to ensure comfort, tone, and range.

One of the most important factors in choosing a beginner’s trumpet is the valves on the instrument. Trumpets have three valves, with the exception of specialist or unusual instruments which may have four. These valves should be easy to press down and not stick at any point during play. Monel is a particularly desirable material which valves can be made from, but this will not feature on most types of beginner’s trumpet. Pressing down the valves before buying can help buyer’s determine whether the valves respond quickly and smoothly enough.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

The durability of the instrument is another important thing to consider when buying a beginner’s trumpet. This is especially important for parents looking for the best trumpet for their child, because children often have accidents which can result in the instrument breaking. The tubing joints, bracing, and the bell of the trumpet should be examined to determine the strength. Buyers should look for solid construction which is suitable to withstand some minor knocks and scrapes. It is important to note that the bell on many student trumpets is made up of two pieces, as opposed to just one, to lower the cost.

Many other features can be used to help buyers determine the most suitable beginner’s trumpet. Some models, for example, feature lacquer coating as opposed to gold or silver, which doesn’t look as impressive but makes for a warmer tone. Silver is the next most common finish, which gives a slightly brighter tone than lacquer but is thought by many to look better. Additional features such as a hook by the first valve and one by the third valve can increase the durability of the instrument and its intonation.

Playing the instrument prior to buying it is the best method of choosing a beginner’s trumpet. This is because the tone, feel and comfort of the instrument can be assessed much more efficiently through hands-on use. The player should test out multiple instruments to determine which one is most suitable for his or her individual needs. Buyers should always remember to test out the valves, examine the construction, and look for any additional features when trying out a trumpet. If the buyer doesn’t understand anything, he or she should ask the salesperson any pertinent questions.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar