How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Art?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Some people with sleek, minimalist bedrooms choose to have little or no art.
Some people with sleek, minimalist bedrooms choose to have little or no art.

Bedroom art should complement the colors in the room as well as be relaxing. In addition to artwork hung on the wall behind the head of the bed, attention should be given to at least one other area in the room. Rather than using small accent pieces all over the room, a more calming, coherent look can result from grouping bedroom art.

For example, you may want to have a painting or two over the bed and display a collection of pottery in similar colors on a bookshelf or dresser. If the colors of bedroom art differ, a great way to unify the pieces is through common shapes or materials. For instance, one color of metal sculpture could be positioned above the bed, while another could appear elsewhere in the room. Whatever colors and types of bedroom artwork you choose, they should be pieces you love.

Think about the colors of your walls and/or the tones of wood or other materials in your room when choosing art for your bedroom. Unless you're using a monochromatic color scheme such as all white or different shades of blue, for example, a strong contrast between bedroom art and the wall or furniture color can look great. If you want to choose framed pictures or prints for your bedroom walls, take some time in choosing the right frames.

In general, wood frames should coordinate well with any wooden furniture in the room. Metal frames should be similar to any metallic accents you have, such as lamp bases or dresser handles. If your bedroom style is more eclectic, or purposely mismatched, you may vary metal and wood colors. To tie this kind of look together well though, you may want to use the mixture of colors in prints for either the curtains or throw pillows. The details in the art you choose for your bedroom may be similar in the amount of details or be the exact opposite, depending on the overall look you prefer.

If you can't decide on a motif or theme for art you'd like to display in your bedroom, you may want to choose more abstract pieces. If you do want a calming subject in your bedroom art, you may want to choose something nature-inspired such as a water or forest theme. When deciding among art options for your bedroom, pick those that you will enjoy seeing every day.

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@pleonasm - That actually could be very trendy, particularly if you arrange the photos so that they cluster around something like a painting or a wall sculpture depicting the word "love" or "family".

I hang a lot of my own art on my bedroom walls, mostly because my bedroom is a place very few people see!


@browncoat - I'm a bit of a teenage girl about it, I suppose, but I really like having a photo wall rather than just hanging up one piece of art. Most of them are photos that I've taken myself, or postcards that friends have sent me.

It might not be as trendy as a painting, but it's nice to be reminded of friends and family when I'm at home.


Make sure you take note of where your eyes spend the most time while you're in your room. If you've got a desk or chair, then the piece of art opposite is going to be in your sight the most. If you spend time in bed reading then you might consider what to put on the opposite side of the room.

Anything you hang over your bed is likely to be noticed by visitors, and you can make it something striking or make sure it blends in with the decor, or whatever. But if you are going to be looking at something a lot, I would pick either a favorite, or something that isn't going to bore you, rather than trying for something stylish.

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    • Some people with sleek, minimalist bedrooms choose to have little or no art.
      Some people with sleek, minimalist bedrooms choose to have little or no art.