How do I Choose the Best Bed Bug Exterminator?

Ken Black
Ken Black
Bed bug bites may be numerous and clustered in a specific area.
Bed bug bites may be numerous and clustered in a specific area.

Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. It is important to choose a bed bug exterminator that is experienced and understands the best way to deal with the small pests. The process is more specialized than other types of extermination. Most bed bug exterminators will use several different methods of extermination, depending on the situation, and how often a person may come into contact with a certain area. Before choosing service, it is best to ask how the process will work, but also it is important to consider communication, cost and other factors.

Bed bug bites may cause itching all over the body.
Bed bug bites may cause itching all over the body.

A bed bug exterminator should begin by doing a visual inspection of your home, paying close attention to problem areas. Once that is completed, the exterminator should be able to recommend a treatment plan to the homeowner. This plan will likely involve several steps, and, potentially, multiple visits.

While choosing the best bed bug exterminator, it is necessary to consider the methods he or she will use. Due to the nature of a bed bug infestation, they are often located in, or on, surfaces that people are in contact with frequently. Therefore, while pesticide may be used to end the infestation in some locations, but the bed bug exterminator will likely use a steam treatment to kill insects that have infested bedding, and upholstery. If a company is not equipped for steam extermination, the could be a sign that it does not have enough experience with bed bugs, and selecting a another company may be in order.

Another thing to consider is the level of communication between the bed bug exterminator and the client. Getting rid of bed bugs involves a substantial amount of preparation work, including stripping sheets and blankets, washing them and drying them, and then putting them in large bags or sequestering them in some other way, so they are not reinfested. It may also involve getting rid of mattresses, moving furniture and other such issues. The best exterminators will thoroughly explain the entire process to the client and explain why each step needs to be performed.

As with any exterminator, issues of cost will play important roles. Getting a written quote beforehand is the best way to determine who will offer the best value. While cost cannot be the only consideration, it may make a difference if services are nearly equal in other ways. Making sure the service has a good record and reputation is another key. Letting strangers into your home is a risk, but it can be a mitigated risk. Therefore, before hiring a bed bug exterminator, checking with the Better Business Bureau is a very good idea.

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@Amphibious54- you often hear people say that bed bugs came to New York from China, but this is false. There are bed bugs in China, but they can be found in temperate zones around the world. They have also been around for longer than most can imagine.

The bugs are native to warm climates above and below the tropics, and can be found in most countries and continents. The bugs usually hitch rides in luggage, on clothing, or on furniture. They have become such a problem recently because of reduced pesticide use since the green revolution and the increase in international travel and globalization.


@Babalaas- That is a horrible infestation. I travel for work often, so bed bugs are a big concern. I always keep a bottle of bed bug spray with me when I travel. I also have a bedbug proof zipper bag to store my luggage in, and I make sure I check hotel reviews to look for bed bugs. I have never had a home infestation, knock on wood, but I would agree that the only effective way to completely end an infestation is through heat or steam application.

Bed bugs breed like crazy so even if you kill every bug with a spray or pesticide, you have likely missed a few eggs. Heat and dry steam are some of the only ways to ensure that the eggs die along with the bugs. What I would be curious to know is where bed bugs are originally from.


I watched a show last night about bug infestations. The episode featured a family that practically went bankrupt trying to rid their home of bed bugs. They spent over $18,000 with various bed bug extermination firms over a period of a year or so. The infestation was so bad that they would often wake up with 50-100 bites.

Anyway, they were finally able to get rid of the bed bugs, and it did not require using pesticides. The family was able to pool enough resources to have an exterminator enter the home and literally cook the bed bugs out. The exterminator sealed the home and pumped in hot air until the internal temperature reached 150 degrees for a certain number of hours. This was the only way that they were able to rid themselves of these horrible little pests.

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    • Bed bug bites may be numerous and clustered in a specific area.
      Bed bug bites may be numerous and clustered in a specific area.
    • Bed bug bites may cause itching all over the body.
      Bed bug bites may cause itching all over the body.