How do I Choose the Best Beaded Jump Rope? (with picture)

Jessica Reed
Jessica Reed
Jumping rope may be an essential part of a boxer's training.
Jumping rope may be an essential part of a boxer's training.

The best beaded jump rope will be the right size for the user to jump comfortably, will help the user get in shape or practice tricks for a competition, and will be made of a material light enough to jump with while still sturdy enough not to crack. Beaded jump ropes are one of the most durable jump ropes available and work well for exercising and performing in competitions. The specific type of jump rope a user may want all depends on what she wants to use it for. Beaded jump ropes come in kid and adult sizes and the beads come in different shapes and weights. Testing out a jump rope before making a purchase will ensure the buyer gets what she needs.

For someone buying a beaded jump rope, it’s best to start by determining the proper length jump rope needed. When standing on the center of the jump rope, the ends of the jump rope handles should reach up to the buyer’s armpits. During use, the jump rope should skim the floor but not flop against it or hit the jumper’s head while in the air. Jump ropes that are too short will not touch the floor and will hit the jumper in the head, while long jump ropes will hit the floor and may trip the jumper.

If the buyer cannot test the jump rope in the store, she can use a piece of rope at home and tie knots in the ends to represent the jump rope handles. She can then find the ideal length for the piece of rope when jumping and find a beaded jump rope close to this length. The length of the rope appears on the jump rope’s package and will tell whether it is meant for children or adults.

Next, the buyer should find a jump rope made from quality materials instead of cheap plastic beads. Cheap beads may tangle or crack after strenuous use, especially in children’s jump ropes. The beads come in different lengths, including long and short cylinders and circular beads. Bead length does not affect the rope’s performance but a user may like the look or feel of one shape over another and should choose accordingly. Those jumping in a competition may want a flashy, colorful beaded jump rope to catch the audience’s attention.

Finally, the buyer should decide whether she needs a regular beaded jump rope for simple use, a colorful and sturdy beaded jump rope for performing, or a weighted beaded jump rope for exercising. The special exercise jump rope includes heavier beads to make the body work harder and burn calories faster. After making this final decision, the user should feel the handles on the jump rope to see if they feel comfortable and easy to grip without slipping. Once she makes these choices and finds a comfortable jump rope that fits her style, she’s ready to make a purchase.

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    • Jumping rope may be an essential part of a boxer's training.
      Jumping rope may be an essential part of a boxer's training.