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How Do I Choose the Best Beaded Hair Comb?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

The best beaded hair comb will be the correct style, size, and design for the hairstyle you want to achieve. There are many varieties of beaded hair combs, and they can be functional, decorative, or both. You can find hair combs at professional hair salons, beauty supply stores, and online.

Before shopping, decide on how you want to use the comb. Often, small combs are used as accents in updos or special occasion hair styles. These combs are typically dressy since they are glittery, shiny, or metallic. For an everyday comb, you probably want a more subdued style.

Beaded hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.
Beaded hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.

If you intend to use the comb functionally, in a French twist or simply to hold back your hair, you will need a larger comb. Long hair styled in a French twist requires a very large beaded comb, as the comb holds up the majority of the hair. A medium sized beaded hair comb works well for half updo hairstyles in which part of the hair is pulled back.

Beaded hair combs may be purchased online.
Beaded hair combs may be purchased online.

A double comb with stretchy beaded work can be used in a variety of styles. Updos, half updos, pony tails, and buns can be created with a double comb. This accessory takes a little time to master, so practice your hairstyle several times before you use a double comb for a special occasion.

When you have decided what style you want to make with your comb, you are ready to begin shopping. Usually, beads are attached to the comb with thin wire or string, or glued directly onto the comb. In either case, the beads should be attached securely. Check for loose or missing beads before purchasing a comb.

Keep in mind that the color you chose can act as a fashion statement. If you want an everyday comb, choose one that is close to your hair color. By matching the comb to your hair color, you will be able to wear the comb with a variety of outfits since it will act as a neutral accessory.

On special occasions, you can match your beaded hair comb to your outfit. For instance, a formal dress is complimented by a beaded hair comb of the same color. If you are in a wedding, the bride may decide that the bridesmaids should wear beaded hair combs in the secondary color.

A beaded hair comb which includes beads that are gold, silver, or gem colored can act like a piece of jewelry. In this case, match it to the same metallic or gem colors of your other jewelry and accessories. Depending on the finish, these can be very dressy. A brushed or distressed finish on the metallic beads is more casual.

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I've heard beaded hair combs are actually not that hard to make on your own, but I don't think I've seen one nor do I know anyone who makes them. It seems like it would be a fun project, but any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know whether it's just a matter of taking a comb and adding beads or if there's perhaps a more interesting, unique way of making them that might allow personalization.

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    • Beaded hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.
      By: puhhha
      Beaded hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.
    • Beaded hair combs may be purchased online.
      By: annakazimir
      Beaded hair combs may be purchased online.