How do I Choose the Best Bathroom Chandelier?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

When choosing a bathroom chandelier, it is important to consider size, style, amount of light emitted, component materials, and how easy it will be to clean the various parts. Size and style are the most obvious considerations. A small bathroom can easily be overpowered if the bathroom chandelier is too large and, conversely, a miniature chandelier may seem out of scale in a very large bathroom. The style of the chandelier should fit in well with the bathroom as a whole and should also be aesthetically pleasing to the people who use the bathroom on a regular basis. Finally, be sure that the bathroom chandelier will emit the proper amount of light and that its various parts will be able to stand up to the humidity that regularly fills a bathroom.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Chandeliers are made in various styles and models. They range from modern to Victorian to art deco. Also, various colors are used in the components of the chandeliers, so it is possible to find an option that fits in with the color palette of the bathroom.

If a bathroom chandelier is being chosen for a powder room without a tub or shower, then any chandelier that works well within the space should do. These sorts of bathrooms are not regularly filled with humidity in the same way that other kinds of bathrooms are. This can make choosing a chandelier easier.

Consider also the kind of light bulbs and number of light bulbs that are used to outfit the bathroom chandelier. If they are very unusual light bulbs that are both hard to find and expensive to replace, then be prepared to spend time and money maintaining the chandelier. Also, if the chandelier will be hung from a very high ceiling, it is important to have a plan for servicing the chandelier in a safe manner.

It is also important to understand the cleaning process that the bathroom chandelier will require before making a purchase. Very intricate chandeliers may be quite difficult to clean and may also require a great deal of gentle handling to clean properly. This process cannot be avoided as the brilliance of the light and the aesthetic quality of the chandelier will both be compromised if it is not cleaned periodically. Simpler chandeliers that are made of more durable materials are much easier to clean.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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