How Do I Choose the Best Bath Beads?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing bath beads, you should select a product that smells nice, leaves your skin feeling soft, and does not trigger irritation or allergies. In many cases, you may find that you will have to sample several different types of beads before you can settle on the best bath beads for you. Other things to take into consideration are the cost of the bath beads and whether they leave a residue in your bathtub that can be difficult to clean. If you are very sensitive to fragrances and other personal care product ingredients, you may find that you will need to forgo the use of bath products or make your own from ingredients that don't trigger a reaction.

Many people enjoy using bath beads because they add color, fragrance, and moisturizing agents to bathwater.
Many people enjoy using bath beads because they add color, fragrance, and moisturizing agents to bathwater.

Many people enjoy using bath beads because they add color, fragrance, and moisturizing agents to bathwater. This can make a bath a very relaxing and pampering experience. As bath beads are typically inexpensive, they are an affordable luxury for many people.

Before buying large quantities of bath beads, ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
Before buying large quantities of bath beads, ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

As you evaluate different types of bath beads, consider the fragrances that you personally enjoy. Some people find that certain fragrances trigger different moods, so you may wish to select more than one fragrance in order to match the scent to the time of day or your personal preference. For example, many people find mint fragrances to be invigorating, while spicy scents may be soothing. Be aware, however, that many people find fragrances to be irritating to their skin and eyes. If you are concerned about this, buy a very small amount of a particular type of bath bead before investing in a large quantity.

Other factors to consider are the type of bath bead that you purchase. Some bath beads are actually gel capsules that are filled with oil. The capsule begins to dissolve once it hits the hot water, releasing the fragrance oil. Some beads are solid and dissolve entirely in the water. You may find that one type of bead is more moisturizing than another. If this matters to you, you should select the beads that suit your skin best. The moisturizing and fragrance ingredients in bath beads may leave behind a residue. While this can typically be cleaned off with a brush or sponge and some bathroom cleaner, some beads may leave more residue than others, so if you dislike scrubbing your tub, you may want to choose the bead that rinses easily away after taking a bath.

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They seem actually pretty hard to find in the U.S.

I would second Oceana in saying the appearance is also important, especially if you want to get them as a gift or for children. I think they make a really fun gift and my daughter definitely loves them!

But I would also look at the ingredients and favor natural formulas!

I just ordered these so haven't tried them yet but was pleased to find they are made with natural fragrances as well as Jojoba and aloe and come in a variety of fun colors and shapes. Plus you can buy them individually to create your own gift bag: American Soap Company.

This site also lets you mix and match but I did not like the bean shape: Body and Bath Plus.


Some essential oils found in bath oil beads do wonders for my skin. However, I am allergic to lemongrass oil, so I have to always check the ingredients to be sure that it isn't included in the fragrance.

I once purchased what I thought were orange oil bath beads. They smelled citrusy, but the main note was orange, so I didn't even think to check for lemongrass.

I broke out all over after my bath. My skin itched so badly that I had to take a long shower and cover myself in aloe vera. This experience taught me to never assume the absence of one oil, just because another is the main oil used in the beads.


@seag47 – For some people, the appearance of bath oil beads is just as important as the scent. My young daughter loves receiving them for Christmas, but I think that if I gave her ordinary round ones, she would be terribly disappointed.

I found some rubber duck shaped bath oil beads online, and they make bath time fun for my girl. These bright yellow beads release lemon-scented yellow oil into the bathwater as they melt, and this makes her look forward to bathing.

Next year, I will probably go with the sea-green dolphin shaped bath beads. I try to mix things up to keep her interested in hygiene, and so far, bath oil beads have been a major success!


I used to use bath salts instead of bath beads, because my skin was oily and needed a lot of exfoliation. The salts were great at rubbing away dead skin, but as I aged, I found my skin drying out after I used them.

That's when I switched to bath beads. Nothing is quite as moisturizing as a warm bath filled with essential oils slowly released from capsules.

I like orange scented beads, because I associate the smell of citrus with happiness. My mood always improves after I use them.

My friend prefers mint bath beads, but to me, this scent is too medicinal. It makes me think of my mother's arthritis cream.


I prefer the kind of bath beads that totally dissolve over the ones that leave their skin behind. I find it kind of creepy to be relaxing in a warm bath and look around to see things floating in the water.

The kind that dissolve quickly have super thin casings. I am grateful to whoever designed these, because they give me all the benefits of a regular bath bead without the weird leftovers.

They are just as moisturizing and aromatic as the old style of bath beads. If I give bath beads as gifts, I always make sure to purchase this kind, just in case anyone else has the same issue as me.

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