How do I Choose the Best Basement Fan?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
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To choose the best basement fan to suit your needs, first consider the size of the basement. A large area will typically require a more powerful system than a small basement area. If you're concerned about improving ventilation and dispersing odors from your basement, choose a basement fan with adequate exhaust and exchange of air flow. A powerful system that incorporates two fans will generally work best for ventilation. In some models, each fan may have the ability to work independently by featuring two switches.

As a rule, you probably won't want to run your basement fan continuously. Not only could this increase your electric bill, it could also be a safety issue. Therefore, when choosing a fan for your basement, consider one that has a built-in timer. This will enable the unit to automatically turn on and off, running only at designated times.

You may want to select a basement fan with various speed controls. You can set the switch to high speed when odors are present, or when the basement is particularly humid or hot. In cooler weather, you may want to keep the fan on a low setting. Consider a basement fan that uses minimal electrical power to keep monthly costs down.

The length of the electrical cord may be a concern for you. If you have a power outlet in a convenient location, you shouldn't require a very long cord. Also, a shorter cord will be less likely to pose a tripping hazard.

Be sure the basement fan you choose has some type of device to regulate the direction of air. To prevent the flow of air from entering other areas of your home, the fan should have a feature known as a damper. You also might want to look for a basement fan that allows you to control humidity levels. Look for fans that include a ducting kit, or you may need to purchase one separately.

While certain features are essential in a basement fan, you also shouldn't overlook the important aspect of installation. If you plan on installing the basement fan yourself, you may want to choose a model that is fairly easy to install. Don't forget maintenance requirements as well. If the fan is going to be high maintenance, you might not have the time or inclination to keep it in perfect working order. If you have a busy schedule, choose a model that is low maintenance.

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    • Woman posing
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