How Do I Choose the Best Banjo Tuners?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann
Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

If you want to find the best banjo tuners, you must decide on the features you want your tuners to include. One of the deciding factors for choosing a set of banjo tuners is often the finish. From chrome, nickel or gold plate, tuners give the instrument not only the proper pitch, but a fine appearance as well. Another factor to consider when choosing banjo tuners is the type and style of the tuner buttons used in their design. Plastics, peraloid and ivoroid buttons are all available, and amber buttons are also used to give the banjo a specific appearance.

There are several types of aftermarket banjo tuners available, with each offering its own particular reason to buy it. From manufacturing methods to materials used, you must weigh all options when hoping to choose the best banjo tuners for your banjo. Some old banjos use a tapered wooden or ivory tuning peg that simply fits into a tapered hole in the head stock. This type of peg, while original and traditional, does not provide a solid foundation for which the banjo will remain in tune for any extended period of time. You may wish to convert this style of peg to a more modern, geared type of tuning peg.

Chrome-plated steel banjo tuners are commonly the least expensive and offer function and style at a moderate price. These tuning pegs are often available without the buttons for a reduced price. Tuning pegs ranging from wooden pegs to gold-plated steel are found on banjos, guitars and bass guitars all over the world and used with great success. Some banjo tuners, such as the types offered in a straight-through geared design, are fine entry and mid-range tuning pegs, featuring quality materials as well as proven manufacturing methods to create a fine and reputable tuning peg.

If you are searching for one of the best tuning pegs on the market for a quality instrument, you might wish to consider a planetary-tuning peg set manufactured from the finest steel and chrome- or gold-plated for appearance. These tuners are considered by many professional banjo players and manufacturers to be the finest tuners available. These banjo tuners will cost much more than other types of tuners, however, they hold a tune much better and are very smooth-operating tuners. One advantage in installing a set of high-quality planetary-style banjo tuners on your instrument is to increase the resale value of your banjo as well as increase the tune-ability and playing enjoyment of your banjo.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar