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How Do I Choose the Best Banjo Strap?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

If you want to choose the best banjo strap, you will want to choose a strap that is both comfortable and long or short enough to position your banjo at the proper height for your playing style. You will need to choose between several materials to ensure that you get the best banjo strap for your personal requirements. While a narrower strap adds a nostalgic appearance to your banjo, a wide strap will be much more comfortable when playing for long periods. Custom straps commonly look much better than off-the-shelf banjo straps, however, you will pay much more for a custom strap.

The banjo is an instrument that is commonly played while standing. This typically requires purchasing a strap to hold the instrument while freeing your hands to play the banjo. The first decision will be the length of the strap. Most straps are adjustable, but you may wish to find a banjo strap that can be adjusted to the center of the strap's adjustment zone. This will allow you to lengthen or shorten the strap over time as your playing style changes.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

You will also need to decide which material suits your banjo strap and your personal style. Nylon straps can be lightweight, however, the strap can also look modern, which might not be to your liking. Leather is commonly the most common material to manufacture a banjo strap from, but you will still need to decide on the thickness of the strap as well as whether or not a padded shoulder strap will be added into the strap's design. The banjo is not a particularly heavy instrument, however, you may wish to pad the strap where it rests on the shoulder and collar bone area.

A thin leather or cord banjo strap will add a look of nostalgia to your banjo, but it can be very uncomfortable after a lengthy period of playing. It is very easy to pick a strap off of the shelf at your local music store, however, if you wish to have a personalized strap with your name or initials on it, you will be required to purchase a custom-made strap. The custom strap will commonly give you the best fit, appearance and longevity, but this comes with a price and a waiting period. You may choose to use an off-the-rack strap until your custom banjo strap is completed.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar