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How Do I Choose the Best Banana Milk?

Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop

When you’re choosing banana milk, it is important to understand your dietary needs, along with the kind of nutrition you expect to get from the milk. The term banana milk may refer to artificially-flavored milk with super-sweet banana flavoring added to it, to powdered banana flavoring, or to sweetened milk with pureed bananas mixed into it. Banana-lovers may enjoy all three varieties of banana milk, so choosing just one kind may be difficult. Assessing flavor, nutrition, and personal preference should help you understand which kind is best for you.

Almost every dairy company that sells flavored milk carries banana milk. This kind of milk may have a small amount of banana puree added to it, but it is most commonly flavored with banana extract and sugar. It also often contains dye to make it a bright yellow color. Children who don’t normally drink plain milk may be attracted to the coloring and sweetness of this kind of banana milk. You can drink it straight from a glass or pour it over cereal. Honey-flavored and nut-laden cereals may be particularly delicious with this kind of milk.

Bunch of bananas.
Bunch of bananas.

A flavored powder for making banana milk is also generally available in grocery stores, and is often found next to strawberry and chocolate versions. This powder doesn’t usually contain any pieces of real banana. Instead, it is usually made of a heavy dose of artificial banana flavoring, sugar, corn syrup, and yellow dye. It often makes milk extremely sweet and has a flavor similar to banana candy. If you love banana flavoring but can’t have dairy milk, this powder may work well for you because it can be added to non-dairy milks as well. You can also stir it into yogurt or add it to milk-based smoothies for a touch of fruity sweetness.

Banana milk.
Banana milk.

A third kind of banana milk might not have as much sweetness or intense banana flavor as the previous two choices, but it generally contains the most nutrition. Generally, this version must be made at home. It involves chopping up a fresh banana, dropping it into a glass of milk, and blending the two together with a hand blender. This may also be done with a blender or a food processor. The result is a thick, fruity, and filling beverage that contains potassium and fiber.

If you want the nutrition of blended, fresh banana milk and have a sweet tooth, don’t worry. A few spoonfuls of sugar, honey, or sucralose may be added to this mixture to enhance the banana flavor and give it a sweeter undertone. For a very thick drink, you can freeze the bananas first. This usually makes the milk creamy and delicious, and much like a banana milkshake, which can also be whipped up with the addition of a little ice cream.

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    • Bunch of bananas.
      Bunch of bananas.
    • Banana milk.
      By: picsfive
      Banana milk.