How Do I Choose the Best Banana Comb?

A. Rohlandt

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a banana comb, and the length and width of the comb are the most important. Other considerations include the type of banana comb and the fastener. In addition it's best to choose a color and style that will go with the outfits you plan to wear it with.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

Banana combs tend to come in lengths ranging from 3.5 inches (about 9 cm) to 6 inches (about 15 cm). The smallest combs are often referred to as mini banana combs and may work well if you plan to use it on a smaller section of hair. These mini combs may also be a better choice for a child because of the small size. The size of your head and thickness of your hair should dictate the length of comb you buy.

The width of the comb is another important consideration. A traditional banana comb is usually about 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) in width, but other varieties could be much wider. Flat banana combs could be up to 2 inches (about 5 cm) wide. If you have very thick hair, a wider comb could be a better option, because there's more space inside the comb.

These combs come in two basic types: the traditional banana comb and the fish clip. A traditional banana comb has thin and straight sides, but a fish clip is flat, and the sides can be much wider. If you want more of the comb to be visible you should opt for a fish clip, because the wider sides lie flat against the head.

A banana comb comes with one of two types of fasteners. The first works like a ball and joint, in which one arm of the comb has a protruding ball that fits into a hole on the other arm. These two ends click together to close the comb. If you have thick hair, you may find that this type of fastener can pop open easily, so another type of fastener might be more useful. Some banana combs have fasteners on both ends, though others have a hinge on one end and a fastener at the other.

Fish combs usually have the second type of fastener, in which the two ends of the comb curve in opposite directions. When overlapped and hooked into each other, the curves are pushed against each other, which keeps the comb from opening up on its own. This type of fastener usually won't pop open unless the ends are unhooked manually.

Both traditional banana combs and fish combs have teeth inside the comb to help hold onto the hair. When you buy a banana comb, check that the comb will be able to hold your hair. The number of teeth and the space between the edges of the comb will vary, but if you need a tighter grip it's generally better to go for a comb with more teeth.

The combs are made in a number of and colors, so choose a comb that will go with whatever you plan to wear it with. Colors range from soft pastels to bright neon colors. There are also tort banana combs, so if you prefer a more natural look you may want to get one of those.

There are also a number of finishes to choose from, and you may have to choose between combs with gems, glitter, and various textures. Most banana combs are made from plain plastic as well, so you should choose a comb in keeping with your own tastes and the occasion you'll wear it for. The best banana comb is ultimately one that will hold your hair in place and go well with a few items in your wardrobe.

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@stoneMason-- Have you tried an interlocking banana comb? This is a fairly new type of banana comb. It has two ends that interlock and there is a flexible piece in the center to wrap around the hair. The mini clip banana combs are also great for small sections of hair.

I must mention however that how well this type of comb works on someone also has to do with hair type and the quality and durability of product.


@literally45-- Banana combs look great on long and wavy hair. You can put up all of your hair with it like a pony tail. But since the hair is evenly distributed in the banana comb, it looks much nicer than a pony tail made with a regular hair band.

I've been using banana combs for years and love them. I just use the typical 7 inch one since my hair is very long and thick. It works perfect. If you have short or fine hair, you may want one that's smaller and shorter.


I've seen banana combs at stores for years. I've never bought one though because I've never understood how they're used. They seem so large and bulky. I feel like they would look strange.

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