How Do I Choose the Best Balcony Furniture?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing balcony furniture, it's a good idea to take into consideration the size of your balcony, your lifestyle and budget, as well as the typical weather conditions in the area where you live. You should make sure that the furniture you select will actually fit on your balcony and that it is made of materials that are suitable to your climate. You should also search for pieces that are affordable, keeping in mind that the exposure to the elements may mean that you will have to replace your furniture more quickly than you would inside furniture.

If the balcony is an outdoor unit, you will need to consider furniture that is resistant to water and sun damage.
If the balcony is an outdoor unit, you will need to consider furniture that is resistant to water and sun damage.

Before heading out to purchase your balcony furniture, measure your balcony and take a few pictures. Both measurements and photographs will help you and a store salesperson select pieces that are appropriate in size. Balcony furniture is typically made out of plastic, wrought iron, or wood, and all three materials have advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic furniture is often inexpensive, doesn't get easily damaged by water, and is very lightweight, which makes it easy to move and store. It's also lightweight, which can mean that it might blow away in high winds. This can be potentially dangerous, so you may want to choose furniture made from a heavier material if you live in an area that's prone to windy weather.

Balcony furniture made from iron, on the other hand, is typically very heavy. This can cause difficulties when moving it, but also gives it great stability. Unfortunately, iron can corrode over time, requiring maintenance, repair, and replacement. Treated wood furniture is also an option, offering some of the benefits of iron in that it is unlikely to blow away except in extreme weather conditions. Wood balcony furniture can, however, suffer weather damage and may eventually need to be replaced.

If you plan to use your balcony frequently, getting well-made, sturdy furniture may be a good investment. Alternatively, if you don't think you will be using your balcony furniture often, you may wish to invest in just a few simple, inexpensive pieces that won't require much maintenance. Another thing to consider is storage. If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter time, you may want to protect your balcony furniture while it is not being used by keeping it in some type of shelter. It may be worth it to buy more expensive pieces if you have a garage or other storage space that can accommodate your furniture. On the other hand, if your furniture will have to stay outside in all weather, you may want to buy pieces that you will be able to inexpensively replace every few years.

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