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How Do I Choose the Best Baby Luggage?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Many people find baby luggage to be a necessity while traveling. You might be one of them, or you might know someone who is. When buying baby luggage for yourself or someone else, you should consider portability, design and personalization features. These things can make your purchasing decision and your traveler's efforts easier.

Short trips that are expected to last as long as a week usually can be accommodated by small pieces of baby luggage. When looking for pieces of luggage like this, consider purchasing overnight bags, wheeled duffel bags or other types of luggage with wheels. These types of luggage can be purchased for specific age groups. You will find that luggage that is made for children is often lighter than luggage that is made for adults.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Depending on the child's age, you might want to buy a piece of luggage made with a child-friendly design. Backpacks, for example, often come shaped to look like stuffed animals. If you buy a piece of luggage like this, it can function as both a travel bag and a toy. If you're interested in maximum portability, you can find backpacks that feature rolling systems, in case the child grows tired of carrying his or her backpack the standard way.

If you want to have the baby luggage to stand out, consider personalizing it. You can embroider or otherwise tag children's luggage with their names or initials to make identifying the luggage easier. If you'd like to save money, write a child's name on the luggage using inexpensive fabric paint or markers that can be bought at arts and crafts stores. Luggage straps and luggage tags can also be used with baby luggage for the same effect. If you choose to personalize baby luggage, be sure to warn the children of the dangers associated with strangers, because their names will be on display to anyone who sees the luggage.

Know that you don't have to purchase baby luggage from specialty luggage stores. Children's luggage is sold at many chain retail and online stores. You'll likely have your choice of stylish luggage that is available in trendy designs. Some baby luggage even features popular cartoon characters.

If the type of kids' luggage you've purchased can be used for many years to come, children might grow attached to it and might respond by insisting on carrying their own luggage when traveling. This can unburden parents of having to carry both their children's luggage and their own. In this way, children's luggage can be an investment in teaching children responsibility and thoughtfulness.

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@SarahGen-- One can't expect to put a lot of belongings in a baby or children's luggage. Naturally, they are small, they are not meant for that. The idea is to encourage the child's individuality by giving him his very own luggage. Everyone in the family has a luggage and he should too.

But most people buy baby luggage, not to keep things in it but to keep the baby entertained. My son's baby luggage, literally has small learning activities on it. So at the airport, I make him sit, and put the luggage in front of him. It's a productive way to spend time because he gets to learn, it also keeps him occupied so that he's not wandering around the airport and making me run after him.


I bought a very cool baby luggage for my niece's first trip. The luggage has four wheels and the child can sit and ride on it. Unfortunately, there were a few issues we experienced with it later on. Her mother and I could not fit much inside and the plastic wasn't the best quality. So we were a little worried that the luggage would break as my niece sat on it. But it did make it through that trip. My niece certainly enjoyed it.

I guess parents should consider their priorities before selecting a baby luggage. If the priority is to actually have something useful and sturdy to carry the child's belongings in, then I don't recommend this type of toy luggage. If the priority is keeping the child busy and entertained during the trip and the waits at the airport, then this type of thing works well.


I bought a backpack luggage with wheels for my son. It has a very cute puppy design and he likes it a lot. The best part is that he uses it both ways. He wears it as a backpack and also rolls it when he's tired. It's a good way to keep him occupied at the airport. He also likes the fact that he is carrying his belongings. Of course, I don't put anything heavy in there. I just put a water bottle and a few toys, that's it.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book