How Do I Choose the Best Baby Comb?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Hard plastic combs are preferred for their durability.
Hard plastic combs are preferred for their durability.

The use of a baby comb can be necessary to keep a child's hair manageable and untangled. To choose the best baby comb, you'll have to select a comb with teeth that are properly sized and spaced to pass through fine hair. Other features, such as handle size, design and material construction, will largely depend on your preferences.

The size of teeth on the comb should factor into your selection process. A baby's hair is delicate and the amount of hair is little, so it makes sense to choose a comb with fine teeth. Hard plastic combs have reputations for being durable, but try to choose a comb that is free of bisphenol A (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and phthalate, to safeguard the health of the baby. Many new parents find that they want to buy a brush along with a comb; when buying a complementary baby brush, choose one with very soft bristles.

Combs that have large, solid handles are likely to be beneficial. Although the size of a baby's head is small, the size of your hands is what should determine the size of comb's handle. You'll need a comb that has a handle that you can grip solidly to control the comb as it passes through the baby's hair. Keep in mind that there also are smaller combs that are designed to be used by toddlers, too. Pick this type of comb if you'd like the baby to learn how to comb his or her hair later.

Look for a comb that has been designed to fit the unique size and shape of a baby's head. Some combs are gently curved so that combing the baby's hair is a natural process and does not require you to comb at uncomfortable angles. A benefit of choosing a comb that is designed this way is that it can reduce the number of sharp edges to which the baby is exposed.

Baby combs can come in various sizes. The specific size of the comb that you choose will likely depend on your preference. Similarly, the designs of a baby comb can vary, and you might find designs that reflect your interests or the baby's gender. Pick a baby comb made out of extravagant material such as silver or pewter if you are buying the comb as a gift commemorating an important event in the baby's life, such as his or her birth or Christening. Combs crafted out of silver or pewter are durable and will last for years.

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    • Hard plastic combs are preferred for their durability.
      By: Ian 2010
      Hard plastic combs are preferred for their durability.