How Do I Choose the Best ATV Oil Filter?

Lori Kilchermann

As you attempt to choose the best oil filter for your all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you will likely want to find one that offers increased engine performance and improved lubricant flow, among other key features. When you search the different types of ATV oil filter, you may wish to choose a filter that contains synthetic filtering material over a natural product for increased filtering capabilities. Another key to finding the best ATV oil filter is to choose a filter with an extra-heavy outer cover to prevent stones and other debris from damaging the filter.

A high-quality synthetic fiber ATV oil filter creates a cleaner oil than a low-quality filter.
A high-quality synthetic fiber ATV oil filter creates a cleaner oil than a low-quality filter.

The key to prolonged enjoyment and extended engine life is found in frequent oil changes. By maintaining the cleanliness of your ATV's engine oil, you can often increase the performance of the engine, extend the life of the engine and increase fuel mileage. Installing a low-quality ATV oil filter can occasionally defeat your efforts and cost you performance, lessen the life of the engine and lower your fuel mileage. The reason for this is that dirty oil contains microscopic grit that acts against the engine and creates friction, which robs the engine of power. The oil filter is actually the most important component in an oil change when it comes to engine protection.

Cellulose fibers used in a lesser-quality oil filter contain gaps and openings that can allow a 20-micron grit particle — the industry standard for measuring what contaminants an oil filter is able to capture — to pass unmolested through the filter and into the oil system of your ATV. The synthetic fibers used in a high-quality ATV oil filter are able to trap the 20-micron particle and prevent it from entering the oil system of the ATV. Synthetic fibers found in the best type of ATV oil filter are also capable of holding a greater number of particles, thereby creating a cleaner oil than a low-quality filter.

On exposed canister oil filters, the metal that the canister is manufactured from can sometimes mean the difference between a protected engine and a damaged or destroyed engine. You might want to choose an ATV oil filter with a thick or heavy-gauge steel outer canister as you make your decision on which filter best suits your needs. Occasionally, a stone or other debris can make contact with the ATV oil filter and cause a puncture that can drain the engine oil, start a fire or otherwise damage the engine.

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