How Do I Choose the Best Astaxanthin Supplement?

Erin J. Hill

When using an astaxanthin supplement, you should choose one that is made as naturally as possible. You should also consider whether you want a basic supplement, or if you want a combination formula. Some say you should go with a name brand supplement so that you can choose a manufacturer that has a good track record, but this isn't always necessary. When checking for an astaxanthin supplement, you can check online to search for customer reviews to see which ones work for others.

Astaxanthin may reduce inflammation associated with arthritis.
Astaxanthin may reduce inflammation associated with arthritis.

Astaxanthin is the substance found in flamingos that turns their feathers pink. It is found in high quantities in the foods they eat, and is packed with nutrients. For humans, it works as an antioxidant and boosts immune function, prevents certain illnesses, and it has been shown to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis. Although these claims may not be proven by research, as is with most supplements, there is some evidence to suggest that taking an astaxanthin supplement could be highly beneficial.

Reading customer reviews online may help an individual choose the best astaxanthin supplement.
Reading customer reviews online may help an individual choose the best astaxanthin supplement.

The first factor to consider when choosing astaxanthin supplement is the purity of the formula. You may be able to find one that contains other ingredients as an anxioxidant combination. If you are looking for something that will help boost immune function, one of these may be a good choice for you. Just be sure to determine exactly which other ingredients each supplement contains to ensure that all of them are safe for you to take.

Powdered astaxanthin.
Powdered astaxanthin.

You may also wish to go with an astaxanthin supplement that is made by a name brand you recognize. Although less expensive brands may be just as good, if you know and trust a particular maker of supplements, you can save time by going with the same manufacturer for this supplement as well. If you want to save money, though, less pricey options are often just as good as more expensive ones.

Find discount supplements online, and compare customer reviews for various products. Consumers will often be the first to report if a product is not what it claims to be, so reading through as many of them as you can should give you some indication of which ones are made from the best ingredients, work the best, and have the least side effects. If you need more information, you can also speak with associates with the supplement manufacturer.

Before taking any supplement you should speak with a medical doctor or herbalist. Even natural remedies can be dangerous if taken improperly, and they may cause reactions with certain medications. There are usually no side effects with astaxanthin, but if you experience any, be sure to tell your health care provider.

Pink flamingos get their coloring from high levels of astaxanthin in their diet.
Pink flamingos get their coloring from high levels of astaxanthin in their diet.

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Astaxanthin is a great antioxidant and has many potential benefits. I think it's better than taking vitamin C. But it can cause side effects, so it's necessary to be careful.

I was taking a relatively high dose of it and started getting stomach cramps. After that, I reduced my dose and I only take my astaxanthin right after meals. I have not experienced stomach cramps again.

I think it's a good idea for beginners start out with a low dose of this stuff and see if it's being tolerated well before increasing the dose.


@ddljohn-- As far as I know, astaxanthin supplements are either made from plants or fish. So they may or may not be vegetarian. If it is vegetarian or vegan, the product should have a vegetarian or vegan label on it. Make sure to look for this label if this is a concern. Also, even if the astaxanthin is vegetarian based, the supplements may be in gelatin capsules which are not vegetarian.

I've been taking astaxanthin for fatigue and muscle ache and pains. It has definitely been working for me but it took several weeks for me to start seeing results. Aside from reducing my fatigue and giving me more energy, I feel like my eyesight has improved while on these supplements. I highly recommend it to others with similar problems.


How are astaxanthin supplements made? Where does astaxanthin come from? Are these supplements vegetarian/vegan?

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