How do I Choose the Best Argyle Cardigan?

Mandi R. Hall
Mandi R. Hall
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

When choosing the best argyle cardigan, there are many factors to consider. The argyle cardigan is made for both men and women. When shopping for such a cardigan, both sexes may want to consider fit, color, material, price, and whether the garment can be coordinated with the rest of one's wardrobe. The cardigan should fit properly, while also being comfortable. Since these sweaters are often considered classic and timeless, a proper argyle sweater can be expected to remain in one's wardrobe for many years.

The cardigan has been, and will likely continue to be, a staple in many wardrobes. For women, it may be worn over a bra, a tee shirt, or a collared blouse. Men generally wear cardigans over a collared shirt and, occasionally, a tie. The cardigan may also be worn under a blazer. Whether for a male or female, an argyle sweater should fit fairly closely to the body. Garment specialists recommend getting a cardigan tailored to fit one's physique perfectly.

Because it is often paired with and worn over collared shirts, however, shoppers should be aware that the smaller the argyle cardigan is, the bulkier it may appear with an undershirt. Also be aware that most cardigans should be dry cleaned or hung dry, if washed at home. Additionally, like other lightweight sweaters, the argyle cardigan may get wrinkly. Using an iron on a cool setting is generally the best way to get the wrinkles out.

An argyle cardigan may be knitted or woven. Heavier knit wool cardigans are typically thicker and may be coordinated with winter wardrobes. Lighter cardigans, on the other hand, should be paired with spring or summer wardrobes.

The argyle pattern — akin to a diagonal checkerboard — can be made of any color scheme. Neutral colors are recommended when choosing a cardigan to go with the majority of a wardrobe. Black, white, cream, gray, and navy are great color choices for a versatile argyle cardigan. The cardigan may be worn with pants, a skirt or shorts, or even a shift dress. It may also be simply draped over the shoulders and loosely tied below the neck for a sportier, more casual look.

Like other cardigans, an argyle patterned one is fastened in the front. Though it typically buttons down the front, zippers and toggles may also be used to fasten the cardigan together. The cardigan needn't be fastened when worn, however. Many people choose to leave the front portion of the garment open loosely for a more casual look, when worn over another shirt. Fastening the argyle cardigan can make for a more formal look.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip