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How Do I Choose the Best Arginine Ornithine Lysine Supplement?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

To determine the best arginine ornithine lysine supplement for you and your body, you should consider various factors including price, purity, manufacturer, and dosage. The common use for this supplement combination is bodybuilding, but there are certain health disorders for which it may be beneficial, although this has not been proven. If you have any health conditions, it is best that you speak with a doctor or pharmacist before taking any dietary supplements.

The ingredients found in arginine ornithine lysine are all amino acids. The first two, arginine and ornithine, are protein based amino acids which are needed for rebuilding tissues, muscle growth, and other processes within the body. Arginine is semi-essential since the body generally manufactures enough for proper function. Ornithine has to be eaten in the diet, and is generally present in meats, dairy, and fish products. Lysine is also an amino acid, but its primary function is to aid the other acids in their functions.

The structure of lysine.
The structure of lysine.

When choosing an arginine ornithine lysine supplement, you should first remember to go with a reputable manufacturer. If you can, choose an option found in your local health store or pharmacy so you can ask a sales professional or pharmacist about the item you are purchasing. You can also find items online, but it is sometimes harder to prove quality in these. If you do choose to order over the Internet, read customer reviews and commentary carefully to find out what others are saying about a particular brand or type.

Bodybuilders sometimes use arginine ornithine lysine supplements.
Bodybuilders sometimes use arginine ornithine lysine supplements.

You should also consider price when choosing between arginine ornithine lysine supplements, since prices can vary widely between brands. Read various brand information carefully on their websites, see if any particular type has a money-back guarantee, and don't be afraid to call and ask questions. You may consider buying a smaller quantity first to ensure that you body reacts well to a particular supplement before ordering bulk packages, although larger quantities are usually a better value.

Finally, you should have a full checkup before taking any dietary supplement. Certain health conditions, such as many heart problems, are not compatible with all supplements. If you are looking for supplements because you believe you have a deficiency, have your symptoms checked by a doctor to ensure that another health condition isn't to blame. You should also seek medical counseling before choosing a daily dosage of arginine ornithine lysine supplements, although most packaging will give instructions for proper use.

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According to Dr. Oz, all of these ingredients can be purchased in one pill, and he also says that they help to give energy, shrink fat, and help slow the aging process by boosting HGH levels.


I've previously been sold L arginine tablets (750mg) and been told that they have the strength of a 1000mg tablet. Everything I know is telling me that this isn't true (since AAs form proteins and therefore can't be condensed). But is there any truth to this?


@sapphire12- It depends. Since the ingredients in these supplements are all amino acids, a person who consumes enough protein may not need them at all.

However, if you think it will help you lose weight, and I know people who have taken it for this reason too, most supplements have at least 750 mg of each in a serving. It's recommended that you take them about 30 minutes before exercising. Some people take them multiple times a day, but it's probably best to try it once a day and see if that helps, or better yet talk to a personal trainer, doctor, or someone else with knowledge of these supplements to get their suggestions.


I know people other than bodybuilders who have considered taking this supplement to help them lose weight. Does anyone know how much would be recommended for the average person trying to use this as a supplement for weight loss?

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    • The structure of lysine.
      By: Bioreg images
      The structure of lysine.
    • Bodybuilders sometimes use arginine ornithine lysine supplements.
      By: Csák István
      Bodybuilders sometimes use arginine ornithine lysine supplements.