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How Do I Choose the Best Anti-Glare Laptop Screen Protector?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Many laptop screens require some sort of anti-glare film to protect the user’s eyes and enable the user to see the screen better when outside, or when exposed to any type of direct light. When choosing an anti-glare laptop screen protector, you should look for items that sufficiently reduce glare, are durable, and cost-efficient. In addition, asking friends and family for recommendations and reading product reviews might also help you choose the best one.

One of the main reasons you might purchase an anti-glare laptop screen protector is to reduce the glare on your screen when outside or in other forms of direct light. Choose one that has been designed to sufficiently reduce glare. Not all protectors are made to reduce glare; some are made to simply protect a screen from damage. Specific technology and materials have been developed to effectively reduce screen glare, so researching these materials and the companies that use them might be beneficial.

An anti-glare screen protector is great when using your laptop outside.
An anti-glare screen protector is great when using your laptop outside.

Durability is also important when choosing an anti-glare laptop screen protector. You will generally want to avoid reapplying protectors, as this might damage to your screen and can cost quite a bit of money. Some companies have developed models that are slightly more expensive than others but are much more durable, some lasting as long as the lifetime of your laptop.

While it is important to obtain the best screen protector you can, it is also important to purchase one that is affordable. This commodity is sold at a wide variety of prices, so choosing one that is both durable and affordable might take a bit of research. With the number of resources available to help you make your decision, you should be able to narrow down your choices fairly easily.

Consulting friends and family is one way to get reliable recommendations when choosing a screen protector. If they have used various types, they might be able to tell you which ones they found to be the best. In addition, since some come in packs of several protectors, a friend or colleague might have one you can try out prior to buying.

It is possible to find product reviews both in print and on the Internet. Check technology websites and magazines for reviews on screen protectors. These sources likely have professional reviews as well as user reviews, giving you adequate information to make your decision. When conducting research, try to read several different sources so you have several points of view.

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Discussion Comments


One thing you need to really consider before you buy an anti-glare laptop screen protector is whether or not you want a solid removable piece, or something that sticks to your laptop screen.

With the removable screen protectors you have the flexibility of taking the screen off when it isn't needed. This is great if you like to read in low-light conditions.

With the anti-glare screen protectors that look like giant stickers, they are a bit more of a hassle to get off. While they do protect your screen from damage in the long run, it can be tricky if you want to remove it, as most anti-glare screen protectors sold as stickers are meant for single use.


If you are not sure about which anti-glare laptop screen protector will work for you it is a good idea to take your laptop into the store and try a few out. While many of the anti-glare laptop screen protectors are in sealed plastic bags, it is usually easy enough to either remove them from their packaging or just see the result right through the bag.

When I took my laptop into the store to be fitted for an anti-glare protector the salesclerk had no trouble removing the products from their bags and letting me try the various screen protectors on. This really helped me to see which one blocked the most glare so I could read easily.

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    • An anti-glare screen protector is great when using your laptop outside.
      By: Gajus
      An anti-glare screen protector is great when using your laptop outside.