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How Do I Choose the Best Adult Footie Pajamas?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Footie pajamas, or onsie pajamas, are not just children's pajamas. When purchasing adult footie pajamas, it is important to choose garments that are the correct size. You should also purchase adult pajamas that are comfortable, attractive, and easy to care for. Non-skid feet are an important safety consideration, and a drop-seat may also be very convenient.

One of the first things that you should consider when choosing adult footie pajamas is your size. An adult's pajamas can come in a variety of sizes, and pajamas that are too small or large will often be uncomfortable. If possible, you should try on a few pairs of pajamas before you purchase them to ensure they fit properly.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

These types of pajamas are also made from several types of materials. Consider the weather conditions and climate in your region before you buy new pajamas. Fleece and flannel pajamas will usually keep you quite warm in cold weather. On the other hand, lightweight cotton pajamas will usually keep you cool in warm weather.

Like children's footie pajamas, adult footie pajamas come in a variety of colors and designs. You can often find these types of adult pajamas in a plethora of colors, including black and hot pink. A variety of designs are also available as well. Plaid footie pajamas are suitable for just about anyone. Pajamas with hearts or flowers, on the other hand, are better suited for girls and women, while pajamas with skulls or flames may suit boys and men better.

Before buying footie pajamas for an adult, look at the care instructions. Many of these pajamas can simply be tossed into the washer and dryer. Some of them, however, may require time-consuming laundering. Keep in mind that some materials, like cotton, might shrink, if they are not washed and dried properly.

The attached feet on adult footie pajamas can be quite slippery on certain types of flooring, especially hardwood flooring. Non-skid soles are usually recommended. These can help prevent slipping and falling, which may cause nasty injuries.

You should also keep in mind that many adult footie pajamas can be a bit difficult to get off when you need to use the bathroom. Drop-seat footie pajamas, however, can solve this problem. These have a flap that covers the wearer's buttocks, and the flap can be lowered when he needs to use the toilet. Flaps are usually held in place with Velcro® or snaps.

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Discussion Comments


@Izzy78: It's called being comfortable, not childish.


My pink fleece footed pajamas are wonderful. They stretch over my diapers perfectly, and I sleep like a baby in them!


Can anyone tell me where I can purchase these? I don't want to purchase online because I'd rather try them on to make sure they fit. I'm a 6'2 male.


@Izzy78- I really don’t like footie pajamas because I always feel hot in them. I like to have breathing room and find these types of pajamas too uncomfortable.

The only thing that I do like about them is that they do cover your feet, but I prefer to wear a fuzzy pair of fleece socks and that does the trick if my feet get cold. I also think that these types of pajamas look best on children.


Does anyone know of a place to get really nice footie pajamas for adults?

My grandmother has trouble staying warm in the wintertime and I was hoping that some adult sized footie pajamas would make her feel a bit cozier when it gets to be really cold outside. I have been doing quite a bit of shopping around and so far I haven't seen much beyond the usual night shirts and robes that are sold year round.

I am not a bad seamstress, so I guess if worse comes to worse I can always get some fleece and make my grandma some adult size footy pajamas as a gift.


My husband actually surprised me with a pair of adult footy pajamas on my birthday because I was always complaining about being cold. I also have a bad habit of sticking my icy feet to him, so I am sure that could have prompted him to get me a pair of footed pajamas.

I think that adult footy PJs are really cute, and that more people should try them out in the winter time. While most people think that footed pajamas for adults look a bit silly, they really are functional. Plus, you can save a lot of money by not having to turn up your heat as high in the winter.


I personally do not see adult footie pajamas as being childish or negative in the least. It is simply just another article of clothing to wear for going to bed.

I feel like some people have to get entirely comfortable in order to fall asleep and if they need a singlet pajama in order to do so then so be it.

I do not understand why people associate adult pajamas in general with being childish. They are a type of clothing that is in demand and as long as they do not have something like Barbie or racing cars as designs on them I do not feel like they are acting childish or silly at all.

I think that some people need to quite just trying to be so negative when it concerns acting like an adult and using adult footie pajamas as an example. They are just an article of clothing and nothing more.


@Izzy78 - Whenever I think of adult footie pajamas I think of the Family Guy episode in which Peter Griffin gives a man a blank check with his name on it in order to obtain a pair.

In the episode he acts very obnoxiously and refuses to take the footie pajamas off and constantly annoys everyone in the house by doing things such as rubbing his feet on the carpet then shocking everyone.

Actions taken by Peter Griffin show what people associate things like footie pajamas with and how they can be viewed negatively if worn by an adult. It is seen as more of a thing for children to wear as opposed to an adult and basically exhibits how some people cannot let go of their childhood.

Now this is the negative perception of the pajamas that some people have and Family Guy greatly exaggerated his actions in order to showcase this thought.


I find footie pajamas to be rather amusing and is why I bought myself a pair. I'm 27 and I am rather picky about how I fall asleep and I have to have almost a single article of clothing on in order to fall asleep. It is all a mental thing, I just do not like blankets and covers over my bare skin, I find them to be itchy.

Anyway, an adult footie pajama singlet is something that is becoming increasingly hard to find and it is something that needs to be more available on the market. I do not at all see why anyone would be ashamed of wearing one considering that they are only going to be wearing it around the house and most of the time it is a plain or plaid like color and does not look like something someone would wear when they were five.


I can lie, I find it a little bit ridiculous for an adult to wear footie pajamas and it pretty much shows that they are still a kid at heart.

If I were to suggest to an adult to buy footie pajamas I would say that they need to buy pajamas that were a solid cover and did not have designs that would appear to be child like. This could lead to a quite embarrassing scene if they were to do something like go outside and get the mail.


I have always loved footie pajamas and even as I got older, still loved to wear them. They are great in the winter time because they are so cozy and help keep your feet warm.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding adult footed pajamas to fit me though. I am quite tall, and there is nothing worse than buying a pair that is not long enough. That is not very comfortable at all and kind of defeats the purpose.

I eventually found some that fit me, and for Christmas one year bought matching footie pajamas for myself and my three nieces.

I get to have them over night every so often, and they always bring their matching pajamas when they come.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips