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How Do I Choose the Best Adhesive Bra?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

An adhesive bra is a type that does not have either back or shoulder straps and secures in place instead with an adhesive cup that clings to the breasts themselves. These bras are designed to be worn with strapless tops and dresses and are intended to provide the same support, lift, and cleavage enhancement as normal bras. When choosing an adhesive bra, shop around to get the right choice of size, material, and quality.

Choosing the right size of adhesive bra is very important. The bra needs to fit well, or it will not stay adhered to your breasts. If you are larger than a size D cup, you should not choose this type of bra because it is likely that your breasts will be too large and heavy for it to be effective. Before you choose a bra, decide what effect you would like. Thinner bras give a much more natural look, while thicker ones increase your cup size and give you deeper, more noticeable cleavage.

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

Padded versions further enhance your look. Sizing may vary among brands, so look carefully at the given measurements for a particular brand's cup sizes, and choose according to their individual measurements. If you're unsure, choose one that may be slightly large rather than small because this provides better coverage and prevents a popping-out look. Most types of adhesive bra come with adjustable fronts, so you can alter tightness.

Adhesive bras are typically made from silicon, with the option to have the front covered with satin or similar material. If you are going to be wearing your bra under a bathing suit, then it is best to choose the silicon-only option as the silicon itself does not absorb water. The material has to be cared for in a particular way to lengthen the life of the bra, so make sure you choose one that comes with clear instructions on how to properly care for it. If not cared for, the material of the bra will no longer adhere to the skin.

With an adhesive bra, it is better to choose a higher-quality option. Bras of this type can only be worn approximately 50 to 100 times, and better quality usually means a longer wear time. If you only intend to wear the bra a few times, you may be able to choose a lower-quality bra; however, the fit and wear may not be as good. Make sure you choose one that is of high enough quality to be washable and reusable.

When you want more versatility from your adhesive bra, choose one that comes with attachable straps. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you buy one that is made from hypoallergenic material. Finally, read as many independent reviews as you can about the product that you may buy because most suppliers will not let you return the bra once you have purchased it.

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    • Woman doing yoga
      Woman doing yoga