How do I Choose the Best 3D Decoupage Sheets?

G. Wiesen

Three-dimensional (3D) decoupage is the process of using paper in different layers to create an image that seems 3D in nature. Choosing the right 3D decoupage sheets of paper for use in creating an image does not need to be difficult, and typically depends a great deal on what the final result of the project is intended to be. If you are creating an original piece, for example, you may need blank paper that is somewhat firm, such as card stock, and you may want to consider textured or patterned paper. On the other hand, if you wish to use an existing image or picture, then you should use 3D decoupage sheets that have the picture you wish to use on them.

3D decoupage can be done to make cards for many occasions.
3D decoupage can be done to make cards for many occasions.

3D decoupage sheets of paper are typically used in creating 3D decoupage and can take a number of different forms. The way these sheets are made usually depends on how a person wishes to use them, with reference to the creation of original work or using pre-existing images. 3D decoupage is typically created by layering sheets of paper on top of each other to create a feeling of depth in an image. This can be done for many different types of images, and 3D decoupage sheets are made to allow someone to create many different kinds of projects.

If you want to make an original image or scene, then you may want to use unprinted 3D decoupage sheets. These will typically be either solid colors or basic patterns printed onto heavy paper, such as card stock. This paper can then be cut into different shapes and sizes to create a final scene. For example, you might make a simple landscape by using a sheet of blue paper as the background, then layer a piece of green paper cut to resemble grass at the bottom to create a middle ground, and then use a third piece of paper to create a fence in the foreground.

There are also 3D decoupage sheets of paper that are already printed with images on them. These will usually consist of a single background image, and then various elements from that image as separate pieces as well, that you can cut out and assemble in layers to create depth. Such 3D decoupage sheets can be found in craft stores or as templates found on the Internet, which can be downloaded and printed onto heavy paper. When assembling either type of project, foam pieces are typically used between layers, to elevate the foreground layers and create greater depth in the image.

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