How do I Choose a Motorcycle Mechanic School?

Carol Francois

There are four things to consider when choosing a motorcycle mechanic school: accreditation, quality of instructors, class size, and equipment. A motorcycle mechanic is licensed to perform repairs on a wide range of motorcycles and scooters. The popularity of motorcycles and scooters is fairly steady, but increases proportionally with the cost of gasoline.

A motorcycle mechanic school should have the latest equipment.
A motorcycle mechanic school should have the latest equipment.

A motorcycle mechanic school is usually part of a larger community or career college. Admission to this type of program is based on a combination of high school marks, mechanical aptitude, and interest. While some programs do not require high school graduation, the vast majority of schools have made this a minimum requirement. During the application process, the school will arrange for a mechanical aptitude test and personal interview. These tests are used to ensure candidates are focused, dedicated, and committed to becoming a motorcycle mechanic.

A motorcycle mechanic may work on scooters and mopeds.
A motorcycle mechanic may work on scooters and mopeds.

The first step when looking for a motorcycle mechanic school is to find an accredited institution. Accredited schools have been evaluated by an independent third party that compares the academic and administrative policies of the school against a minimum standard. Only courses from accredited schools can be transferred to other institutions. In addition, these schools are able to offer government student aid programs, which are not available from non-accredited schools.

The quality of instructors at a motorcycle mechanic school is very important. Check the biographies of the instructors, which are typically posted on the school's website. They should have a combination of academic credentials and relevant work experience. Talk with the admissions counselors about the options within the motorcycle mechanic program and determine if the instructors can offer specialized skills, such as sport bike repairs or modifications.

A small class size is very important when looking at motorcycle mechanic schools. Mechanic is a very technical job, and it requires a significant amount of experience and practice to gain the required level of skill. Individual instructor attention, opportunities to ask questions, and additional practice time are all very important when trying to develop the level of skill required to become a skilled motorcycle mechanic.

Make sure that the motorcycle mechanic school has the latest equipment. This includes power tools, specialized equipment computer technology, and other diagnostic equipment. These tools are all standard in the workplace, so it is important to receive training and to have experience using the latest technology. People who have the most success at motorcycle mechanic school are mechanically inclined, focused, and disciplined.

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