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How do I Choose a Comfortable Underwire Bra?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

Many women choose an underwire bra because it feels more supportive and therefore more comfortable than one that comes without the added support. While it may seem that all underwire bras are created equal, each one should instead be purchased with careful consideration to its fit, look, feel and durability. Taking the time to consider each aspect of the bra can result in a more beautiful and comfortable product.

If you haven't been measured for a bra in awhile, it's vital to do so before purchasing the next underwire bra. Although it's possible to do the measuring at home, being even slightly off in the numbers can result in a bunchy and uncomfortable bra. Many department stores offer the service and have a professional bra fitting consultant who is skilled in bra fittings to provide a more reliable measurement.

A beige underwire bra.
A beige underwire bra.

One of the most important aspects of choosing an underwire bra is to find one that has the right cut and style. There are many different styles and cuts, including plunge, full figure, demi, convertible, minimizing and molded. Doing research beforehand as well as discussing it with the bra fitting consultant can help to buy the right bra for day-to-day wear or for a special occasion.

A strapless underwire bra.
A strapless underwire bra.

A woman should feel good about the bra she's wearing and part of that is considering the fabric and design of the underwire bra. Bras are made of different types of fabric, including cotton and satin, so before picking one, finger the fabric to see if it is something that seems as though it would feel comfortable. The design should also be visually appealing, so choose one that has a full pattern or one that has embellishments on it, such as a small bow in the center.

A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.
A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.

Checking the seams is also incredibly important when choosing an underwire bra. They must be strong to prevent the underwire from popping out, so pay special attention to the quality of the seams near the underarm and near the cleavage area. If the underwire pops out, not only could it be embarrassing if seen, but it can also feel uncomfortable and even cause a cut.

Before purchasing the underwire bra, it is strongly advised to try it on if possible. This can give an idea of the comfort level and fit of the item, especially for bras that aren't returnable. Trying it on can help ensure that the bra is everything it's supposed to be, from the fit to the look.

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As well as the underwire you should think about the shoulder straps and the back strap. Make sure any metal bits are decently made and well attached, as it will speak well for the underwire.

And try to get a larger underwire if you can. The thicker it is, the less likely it will be misshaped from wear. A wider underwire will also sit more comfortably against your skin.

Otherwise, they tend to cut in a bit I've noticed.


I haven't worn a bra without an under wire in a long time. I have a rather large chest and if I wear something without a wire it becomes what my friends jokingly refer to as a "mono-boob".

Something I find you really need to do with this kind of bra is make sure you handle it properly in the wash. If you wash it in a machine, you should make sure it's in one of those special bags you can get for underwear.

Otherwise it can get tangled around the other clothes and it will end up putting stress on the wire. And a warped underwire bra is going to be very uncomfortable. Plus, it will quickly wear out as the wire tends to burst through the seams after too much stress and then the bra is next to useless.

Bras for larger ladies tend to be very expensive, so you should take care of it as much as you can.


I never realized what a huge difference the different kinds of bras make to your clothes, until recently when I had to make a presentation to an audience.

I had brought this beautiful new silk dress which looked great except that it was quite busty and the neckline revealed quite a lot of my bra. I was a little bit panicked about it actually, as I didn't want to have to wear something underneath the dress, but I also didn't want to have to show off so much cleavage at this event.

But, my sister advised me to use a lace underwire bra which I hardly ever wore, since I felt it also showed off too much cleavage.

I tried it and somehow the two complimented each other, so that the bra wasn't visible, and somehow I was showing less breast than I had been with the other bra.

It definitely made me want to make sure I pick the right kind of bra for the outfit next time.

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    • A beige underwire bra.
      By: Gra├ža Victoria
      A beige underwire bra.
    • A strapless underwire bra.
      By: Brooke Becker
      A strapless underwire bra.
    • A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.
      By: Africa Studio
      A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.