How Do I Buy Amusement Park Tickets?

Sheri Cyprus

Buying amusement park tickets online is usually the best option. It's more convenient than purchasing the tickets in person and ensures their availability and price stability over getting to the location only to find that the ticket price has gone up. Choosing the park's official website to buy the tickets online is often the best strategy as you can find out about any special discount offers as well as information on rides or exhibits.

A roller coaster in an amusement park.
A roller coaster in an amusement park.

Doing research on what the ticket price will cover before making your purchase is a good idea. You can find out about any upcoming ride or event closures or new additions to the park to help you determine what the value of your ticket is in comparison with its price. If you live near the park, you may want to get a season pass rather than buy individual sets of tickets. In some cases, season ticket holders may also be entitled to extras such as discount coupons on food or special offers on nearby attractions or restaurant. Season holders of amusement park tickets may also get extended hours to use the venue to help avoid some line-ups for rides and shows.

Coupons can be used to save money when purchasing amusement park tickets.
Coupons can be used to save money when purchasing amusement park tickets.

If you don't live near the amusement park, you may still be able to find special offers and coupons when purchasing tickets online through the park's official website. The only time you may want to consider buying amusement park tickets from another website is from a travel company offering discount rates for visits to multiple parks or within a hotel package. Always consider the source of the offers by checking the travel company's name for complaints with a consumer organization such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A reputable travel agent or the park itself are preferable for buying amusement park ticket offers.

Always check expiration dates and read the terms of sale before making any amusement park ticket purchase. Of course, look carefully about returns as you aren't likely to be able to get your money back for any reason once you've purchased the tickets. If you'll be in the area for some time, you can usually save money by buying amusement park tickets good for more than one day. Yet, if you don't end up being able to go to the park on the other days, you may end up being out some money. If going to the amusement park is the main reason for your trip though, it's likely you will be able to attend for extra days at a lower cost.

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I would like to take the whole family to the amusement park close to our house over the 4th of July weekend. I am sure that it will be especially busy that weekend and I am a little worried that we will not be able to get tickets to get in because it will be too full. Can I reserve tickets in advance and pick them up at a will call office?


You can find good deals on amusement park tickets if you keep your eyes and ears out. They offer discounts at certain stores and if you buy certain products. I know that at the Six Flags by my house you can get like 10 bucks off the price of a ticket if you bring in a Coke can


If you think you will be going to the amusement park two or three times in a season it is probably worth your while to buy a season pass. They are less expensive than you think and they will save you a bundle if you plan on making multiple visits.

The amusement parks offer good deals on these because a lot of people end up buying them and then only using them once or twice.

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