How Do I Broil Filet Mignon?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud
A filet mignon is generally an expensive cut of meat.
A filet mignon is generally an expensive cut of meat.

Filet mignon is frequently regarded as the Michael Jordan of meat. This tender cut, delicately sliced from the tenderloin region of a cow, is generally expensive and always tasty. This entree has been satisfying meat lovers for centuries. There are many ways to prepare this cut of meat, one of which is to broil filet mignon. You can do this by using a broiler oven and by cooking the meat to a desired level.

Finding the right way to cook your steak is only half the battle. A football team could have all the right players, but if the coaching and chemistry is lackluster, they may never win a game. Such is the case with filet mignon. You could have the best cut of meat, the perfect broiler, and all the right spices, but execution is key.

The many variables involved when you broil a filet mignon cause this task to be a canvas for only the most crafty culinary artists. The proximity to heat source and time of cooking are the most important factors to monitor. Additionally, a filet may be requested in a specific fashion, further convoluting the process. The bad news is that these things make it an arduous task to broil filet mignon; the good news is that you can follow a few steps to make it easier.

Practice, practice, practice. Never before have these words been more true than in the culinary arts. A great chef is made, not born, and if you want to broil a filet mignon effectively, be prepared to fail along the way. Practice enables you to develop a feel for raising or lowering heat, moving your precious meat jem around its source of heat, and feeling the slight difference between medium rare and medium well. Only experience can instill these uncanny abilities, so get to work.

Identifying the right temperature is the next step. Broiling is both a method of cooking and act of cooking in this specific way. A broiler cooks with direct, infrared heat, whereas typically an oven would bronze its food with hot air. Due to this unique method, broiling usually occurs at a high temperature for a short amount of time with the food close to the source of heat.

This source of heat may exist on the top or bottom of the oven depending on the model. Make sure to specify this before you broil filet mignon. Every oven is different, and a misjudged minute can be the difference between a perfect steak and charcoal, so following an exact recipe is not always useful. Using a recipe for a guideline to broil filet mignon, however, is not a bad idea.

If you want to broil filet mignon and enjoy a delicious dinner, you are in for a treat. Just be sure to practice your methods, and have a general sense of the duration and intensity of the cooking factors. Adding in a few spices here and there can also give your steak a kick. Keeping these things in mind next time you broil filet mignon will make you the Michael Jordan of cooking the Michael Jordan of steaks.

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    • A filet mignon is generally an expensive cut of meat.
      By: Viktorija
      A filet mignon is generally an expensive cut of meat.