How do I Become an Associate Producer?

Jill Gonzalez
Jill Gonzalez
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

In order to become an associate producer, most employers will require you to have a bachelor's degree in journalism, liberal arts, or marketing. You could also be a good candidate for these jobs if you have a degree in advertising. In some cases, employers might be willing to allow a combination of education and experience for candidates who have worked in the field in some capacity.

You should plan to have at least two years of work experience before you start applying for jobs to become an associate producer. The majority of employers will not want applicants who have no production experience whatsoever. Qualifying experience could be junior-level production positions, or internships that were completed while in college.

An associate producer usually needs to have some background in digital media or program management. This experience does not have to be extensive, but it should be sufficient enough for employers to see it as an asset to their company. Candidates who have multiple skill sets and various areas of competence are more likely to be seriously considered by potential employers.

To become an associate producer, you might also want to brush up on your data entry skills. Computer proficiency is generally considered to be an essential quality for people in these positions. If you have some knowledge or experience working in content management systems, you might also have a bit of an advantage over other applicants.

The most effective associate producers usually have a solid grasp of community activities in their area. They also tend to have a certain amount of enthusiasm and genuine interest in becoming involved in various things that are going on within their community. This can help you to stay on top of general interests involving residents and businesses. This type of knowledge can go a long way towards helping associate producers provide valuable insights on the job.

Many individuals who hold these types of jobs have to work independently a great deal of the time. People who excel in this job generally have an aptitude for communicating effectively. They also know how to take the initiative in order to perform job duties without being asked. This basically means that anyone who wants to become an associate producer should have at least a sense of what it is to be a leader. You should also have a solid ability to pay attention to the smallest details and have excellent editorial capabilities.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer