How Do I Become an Assistant Manager?

Gabriele Sturmer

An assistant manager is responsible for helping a company's manager with his or her daily tasks. Although assistant managers are second in command to the manager, they still have to lead others in the organization and must possess skills similar to those of the manager. They're often responsible for interviewing and training new employees entering the organization, so they must possess a unique and outgoing personality. Education, experience and people skills are the keys to a career for anyone who wants to become an assistant manager.

An assistant manager in a retail setting may be required to deal with customer complaints.
An assistant manager in a retail setting may be required to deal with customer complaints.

Although some companies only require you to have a high school diploma to become an assistant manager, others prefer candidates with a college degree in business or management. If you think you may want to be promoted to a higher management position in the future, then you'll benefit from an undergraduate or even a graduate college degree. Shorter certificate programs are also available for those who don't have the time or money to earn a full degree. If you opt for a shorter program, you should be sure to take courses in management, finance, marketing and human resources, because assistant managers perform work across all these areas.

Whether you have a college education or only a high school diploma, you can gain valuable experience from an entry-level job in a sector that interests you. Many workers become assistant managers after working in a non-leadership position, so finding a job in the type of business that suits your needs is very important. By learning more about your organization's management, you'll have a better idea of what management involves and you can decide if you really want to become an assistant manager. If your company has a management training program, consider expressing your interest, because these programs usually prepare you well for either an assistant or general manager position.

Even if you have experience in your preferred job field and the necessary educational credentials, you'll need excellent customer service and people skills to become an assistant manager. Being an assistant manager involves working daily with employees in your business and also dealing with customers and clients from the outside. You will have to be able to make decisions under pressure, handle customer complaints in an efficient manner, perform various tasks at once and motivate your employees even in difficult times. If you combine these personal skills with solid education and job experience, you can become an effective assistant manager.

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