How Do I Become a Uniform Manager?

L.K. Blackburn

Uniform managers are employed by companies to oversee uniform inventory, distribution, and maintenance. Businesses that hire uniform managers have employees that wear uniforms to complete their jobs, or they are companies that specialize in selling uniforms to other businesses and institutions. To become a uniform manager you should graduate from high school and look for a job with a company that has the need to hire someone to oversee uniform responsibilities.

Uniform managers are in charge of keeping track of the inventory of uniforms, which may include school uniforms.
Uniform managers are in charge of keeping track of the inventory of uniforms, which may include school uniforms.

A wide variety of companies mandate their employees wear uniforms to complete their work including service industry businesses, restaurants, and factories. Performance based companies such as theme parks, playhouses, and theater companies may also use a uniform manager to oversee costumes and work clothes. Businesses that specialize in selling uniforms to customers that require them will also hire a qualified individual to become a uniform manager. The route to employment is similar in both types of positions, as graduating from high school and earning experience managing some type of inventory can be useful for both roles.

When working for a company that uses a uniform manager to supervise employee uniform inventory the manager will be responsible for keeping track of uniform numbers and uniform distribution. Companies may contract out to a business for uniform laundering or they may choose to operate uniform laundry in-house. It is the job of a uniform manager to work with laundering companies or employee laundry services to ensure there is always an adequate number of clean uniforms to provide to employees to begin their work day. You may become a uniform manager by first earning experience working within a company's uniform laundry service.

Uniform maintenance and repair is another responsibility of a uniform manager. When a uniform is damaged, it is the job of the manger to promptly ensure it is fixed or to locate a replacement. Fitting for uniforms for a new employee is handled by a manager. As you will spend much of your time working with fellow employees or with outside uniform vendors, it may be helpful to have good people skills to become a uniform manager.

Large companies that have the need for these services often employ other individuals to assist with uniform distribution and laundering. The experience needed to become a uniform manager can be earned in these positions. Uniform manager training is usually conducted on the job and is overseen by employees who have experience in the area.

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