How Do I Become a Test Analyst?

Jessica F. Black
Jessica F. Black
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The minimal degree required to become a test analyst is usually a bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering, depending on the specific field that you have chosen. Although there are several fields that employ this type of position, test analyst usually refers to a position in a computer software company. If you are interested in aircraft or weaponry testing, this career is usually categorized under aerospace engineering. A bachelor's degree in software engineering is usually the preferred degree to become a test analyst. Most of the coursework in this degree program is accompanied by computer laboratory sessions that will provide you with some hands-on training experience.

Your introductory coursework may include software specification and design, and foundations of software engineering. Most universities require that you take several sections of these courses, for instance, software engineering I, II, and II. Each section is generally a prerequisite for the next and the sections may take three semesters to complete. These courses will prepare you for the advanced coursework needed to become a test analyst including software verification and validation, software architecture, software evolution, and several design project practicums.

During your undergraduate studies, you should research internships in software engineering through your computer science department. Many of these internships may require that you are a full-time student in a degree program and that you have completed several computer laboratories. Internships in this field are organized to teach you various aspects of this profession including engineering productivity, site reliability, systems development, and testing procedures. There are several levels of internships offered based on how far along you are in your studies and you may need to participate in several internships to become a test analyst. Your primary duty in this profession will be to perform various tests on software to ensure that it is ready for production and your hands-on training will prepare you for these duties.

Although newspaper classified advertisements are an excellent resource to find employment, you may want to perform an Internet search for test analyst positions in your area. Once you have completed your degree program and have become a test analyst, you will need to create a resume before applying for positions in your field. Your resume should list your education and you should display your various experiences in the field and include specific duties that you have performed. Larger computer software corporations may require that you have a master's degree in the field and you might want to consider continuing your education while working in an entry-level position.

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