How Do I Become a Technical Advisor?

M. Kayo

In order to become a technical advisor, one must have extensive knowledge in a specific area and be able to communicate that knowledge clearly. Technical advisers are typically hired to provide training, teaching, and guidance for people working in a particular field. For those wanting to become a technical advisor, a lot of experience will likely be required. For example, an expert in military history may be hired as a technical advisor to work on a television show or motion picture that has a strong, historical military theme. Technical advisers in business are typically experts in a particular profession or type of business. The requirements to become a technical adviser may include some type of formal education and training that is specific to a particular business or profession.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

A passion for doing a specific type of work or working within a particular profession is the most important skill for anyone wanting to become a technical advisor. The people and organizations that hire technical advisors are likely going to place a great deal of importance on your passion for the subject. If an art museum were planning an exhibit of impressionist paintings and looking for a technical advisor, it would want the person with the most knowledge of the history, artists and paintings associated with the movement. In order to become a technical advisor in business, you should start by determining the type or area of business in which you would be interested.

An extensive knowledge base is another vital component in the tool kit of someone wanting to become a technical advisor. Younger people are not likely to be hired as a technical advisors unless they have developed an exceptional level of knowledge or experience in an area. Older, more experienced people are more likely to be hired on as technical advisors simply because they have the depth of experience that usually comes from years of personal, hands-on experience. Those wishing to pursue a position as a technical advisor in business may want to start with some undergraduate business course work and earn a degree in a specific area of business.

A knowledgeable technical advisor can save a lot of time and money for the people and companies with which they work. When a director begins the process of creating a major motion picture for a movie studio, one of the first people consulted is the technical advisor. In the 1960s, Frank Abagnale, Jr. was able to forge and cash $2.5 million in phony checks until the FBI finally caught up with him. Rather than prosecute Abagnale, the FBI hired him as an expert technical advisor to help them identify forged checks because of his extensive knowledge in that specific area. So if you want to become a technical advisor, it is helpful to know something that few others know and to be able to help others look as if they are knowledgeable as well.

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