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How Do I Become a Talent Manager?

L.K. Blackburn
L.K. Blackburn

Companies hire talent managers by evaluating an applicant's prior experience working in the field or a related area, education, and accumulated skill set. You can begin to acquire experience working as a talent manager by graduating from college and beginning an entry level position with a talent management company or in the human resources department of a business. Talent managers work to find and train employees for a company. Most talent managers work as consultants, and are hired when a business needs to find, interview, and hire qualified new employees.

Entry level human resource jobs are one way many talent managers begin to learn recruiting and training methods needed to become a talent manager. Human resource departments for large companies use a set of specialized people management software that organizes and stores relevant employee data. Knowledge of these software systems is a great skill to have when you are looking to begin a talent managing career, as talent managers essentially operate as human resource consultants. When are just starting out in your career and have no specific experience in the field, you can begin work as an assistant in a human resources office. Jobs of this type require reading and organizing resumes, handling employee training, and keeping track of payroll and employee paperwork.

Talent managers may work with musicians and other performers.
Talent managers may work with musicians and other performers.

Once you have gained experience working in a human resource department, you can become a talent manager by applying to consulting companies that specialize in hiring employees. Talent managing is the process of finding the most talented people for a particular position within a company. Businesses hire outside talent consulting firms to save money and locate qualified new employees that they would not otherwise find on their own. When you are working in human resources and planning on applying to become a talent manager, you should pay attention to strategies used to find the best people to interview from a large number of submitted resumes and cover letters.

To become a talent manager, it may be helpful to first earn a degree from a four year university in businesses or management. As most people who work in human resources and talent managing have a degree, you will need one as well to be competitive compared to other job applicants. In some situations, individuals who have substantial experience working in talent managing or human resources may not need a degree to be hired for a position. After you've been hired to become a talent manager working for a company, it is ultimately possible to begin your own consulting business after gathering contacts and earning experience.

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    • Talent managers may work with musicians and other performers.
      By: Christian Kieffer
      Talent managers may work with musicians and other performers.