How do I Become a Singer?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

There is no single career path to follow if you want to become a singer. Some naturally gifted performers such as Stevie Wonder or Charlotte Church have become professional singers before they even reached adolescence. Others have enrolled in college music courses and earned their degrees in musical theater or vocal performance. There are also those who become professional singers by joining a local pick-up band and learning how to improve their repertoire and vocal ability on the job.

Getting professional musical training is one way to start a singing career.
Getting professional musical training is one way to start a singing career.

One common way to become a singer is to start early with musical training. This could mean participating in a school or church choir at a young age, then supplementing your musical education with private voice lessons or music theory classes. Many well-known professional singers credit their success to their first music teachers or others who gave them the opportunity to express themselves at a young age. Singing in a choir can also boost a singer's confidence level and allow him or her the opportunity to perform solos in front of large audiences.

It is important for singers to learn how to use their voices without damaging vocal cords.
It is important for singers to learn how to use their voices without damaging vocal cords.

Some would-be singers assume that success in the music industry depends more on image and professional connections rather than actual talent, but that is a false assumption in most cases. A trained vocalist learns how to produce notes at a specific pitch and also how to interpret a song. This is something that must be taught or developed over time, since a professional singer may be asked to perform unfamiliar music from sheet music or a recorded demo.

Ludacris is an American rapper.
Ludacris is an American rapper.

In order to become a singer, it is also important to learn the proper techniques for protecting your voice. A singer could have a very short career if he or she severely damages a vocal cord or develops nodules known as vocal polyps. Even rock singers who sound as if they were shouting their vocals at top volume, such as Axl Rose or Robert Plant, have learned how to deliver powerful vocals without damaging their voices. If you want to become a singer in a touring band, it is important to receive training on how to project your voice safely.

Some professional singers have early musical training.
Some professional singers have early musical training.

Many singers become a singer by getting their first professional jobs or gigs through personal auditions. Entertainment-oriented trade papers and local music stores may allow professional bands and producers to advertise such auditions, so a singer-in-training should become familiar with these outlets. A band may ask auditioning singers to perform a familiar song with karaoke back-up or acapella. A band or music producer could be looking for a number of qualities, from familiarity with the music genre to a certain image which meshes well with the current band members.

Singers should learn how to perform into different types of microphones.
Singers should learn how to perform into different types of microphones.

While an untrained singer may have the innate talent to perform professionally, the best way to find yourself on the stage at Carnegie Hall is to study music in a conservatory for several years and then attend auditions for local opera companies or semi-professional choirs until you have built up a suitable repertoire for consideration by a world-class professional choir or opera company or Broadway theatrical production. Becoming a professional singer can means years of rehearsal and personal sacrifice, but it can also lead to a long and lucrative career as a musical entertainer.

A new singer may find success by starting in a local opera company.
A new singer may find success by starting in a local opera company.
Singers might record demo tracks they can shop to different labels.
Singers might record demo tracks they can shop to different labels.
Singers typically have to learn how to sing in harmony with another singer.
Singers typically have to learn how to sing in harmony with another singer.
Participating in a church choir at a young age is a good way to start musical training.
Participating in a church choir at a young age is a good way to start musical training.
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

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I'm 12 and I love to sing. Music is the only thing that really inspires me and I want to become part of such an amazing industry. I have been told by relatives and friends I should sing professionally because I have a nice voice.

I love my voice but it seems to change depending on what I sing. I worry I can't find my own sound. I kind of just copy the vocals on the original instead of taking it my own way. Is it sad to dream big at such a young age? Can I ever become famous and is this a good idea? if not I would like a career in fashion. It will still be hard to accomplish, though.


I'd like to be a singer. I'm going to be 13 in two weeks-ish, and I play the violin (grade 3), piano (taking grade 5 in three weeks), guitar (teaching myself), ukulele (not much though), and can play the recorder. I don't think I'm bad at singing, but mum says all my songs sound the same, but that's when I'm writing the chords down where I come in. What can I do to be a singer?


I am 15 years old and my parents don't me to become a famous singer. That hurts me. Every night when I ask my mother can I go to the studio. she always says no. She wasn't acting like this until he came.


I'm 11 and I love to sing. I have been told by my family, my friends, my teachers, and other known people that my voice is beautiful, and I believe every word. Please, to anyone who might have an offer for fame, talk to me.


It's been my dream to be a singer. I don't care about fame. all I know is that I sing for passion, improvement, love and honesty. I have been singing ever since I was 18 months old. My father was a minister and he became a singer for a church. He wanted me to become even more famous than he was. Sadly, he died on my birthday on Independence Day.

My name is Rebekah and I'm 9 years old. I can sing high low and medium but I can't rap. I can sing fast though, and all my friends and family say I would be able to go to Hollywood one day and become famous. I sing my heart out about my true feelings every day.


I applaud all of your aspirations. I am 12 like a lot of you. I don't want to be a singer. However, I too want a job, I want to hold down a job on this website as a freelance writer. I hope all of you achieve your goals and become famous singers. Have a nice day.


I'm Danish and I want become an international singer. I have a really good singing voice. I've been wanting to sing for the past year. What should I do?


Most of the talent shows are a hoax. My son applied to some. You have to know somebody or you have no chance. It is the same in music festival submissions. It is all rigged.


I want to become a singer as well. And I guess a lot of other kids and teens want to as well!

I'm thirteen. I already wrote a bunch of songs and I'm learning how to play instruments. I want to know, should you believe your parents,relatives and friends if they compliment you on your singing whether it's a good or bad compliment?


Whatever I nee to do, I'll do it on my own. Music is something which encourages me every time and boosts my confidence that one day I'll be on the stage and thousands of people will scream, not for me but for my music, and I'll appreciate it!

I would not do anything for fame, but do it for yourself and for your passion. With three main things: sincerity, honesty and hard work, you will definitely achieve what you want to.


Singing is one of the only things I have a passion for, and it would be great if I were discovered. My friends and family love my singing. I have that light sweet sound but I'm not sure what the next step is for me.

I'm in all the choirs in my town area and I've been in talent shows and would love a chance, just like others before me.


As people, we all have the same dream. I am also a young girl who has a dream of singing. all we have got to do as young people who have dreams is to believe. I am 16 and have faith that I am going to be a star. So keep believing.


I'm 13 yrs old and my only dream was to become a singer, all my friends and family love my singing. should i become a singer?


My name is ambyr and i have always dreamed about becoming a singer. i love to sing. i was in my choir and i sing all the time but i don't know how to be heard. I'm 19 and i would like to get started at least just to get my voice heard. what should i do?


I'm 9 and this web site is good because it makes you believe in yourself and you get an inspiration so read it. It really helps.


I'm 12 years old and I've only dreamed of being a singer, if not international then only known where i come from, which is britain.

I would like to know other people's opinions on:

1. is singing better in a group or solo

2. am i too young to be a singer who is known by a few people around britain

3. is posting videos online helpful

4. how do i make a demo cd

5. how do i find an agent?

Thank you.


My name is santiago. i want to become a singer but i don't know what to do. can you please help me? this is my dream. i already wrote four songs about rap. I am 10 years old.


My name is Amelia. I'm 13 years old and i really want to become a singer but no one knows that i sing at home. but my parents don't want me to become a singer so what do i do?


My name is lee and i really want to become a singer. i am eight years old and i thought of more than 40 songs. cool eh? well i am going to new york when i am older. i am going to be a singer when i am 18.


My name is Soukaïna, I'm 14 and i live in Morocco. i have been singing since i was a kid and all my friends, family and teachers tell me that i have a really good voice and to start a career, so i searched all over the web and i found that i have to get an agent first. I don't really know what to do. Every one i know is supporting me and i really would like to become a singer in the U.S.A., so i really need help. Please.


I am 11 years old and I want to become a singer. But the only person who knows is my sister, i don't dare sing to anyone. can someone my age help me please?


i really want to be a singer like whitney houston! i sing great and i want people to notice!


My name is Connie and i am from Texas. I am 15 years old and singing is something i enjoy doing. It makes me happy to be on stage singing in front of people. When a good singer is singing it also makes me happy and people have told me i am just as good and open their hearts when they hear me sing. That is why i want to be a singer.


I love music and acting. I want to become a singer so badly that I dream about it every night and I sit in my room sometimes start singing then immediately start sobbing. I'm meant to be a singer so much. I'm like a boy version of Rachel Berry from Glee.


Me and my other three cousins really want to become singers and we always sing and dance and we just love singing so much. We always sing and think about us in front of an audience and then becoming a singer. That will just be so much fun and we always sing in front at birthday parties and our family says that were very good.

But one reason is that because of justin bieber and the second is we just love to sing. But my two cousins (they're sisters), they want to become a singer just because of justin bieber, so yeah.


my name is lanna. I'm 10 and i really want to become a singer. my family says i have a good voice, so yeah.


What I don't get is why is everyone posting about how they love to sing. It's like you people are expecting to hear from someone who's scouting for someone to read them. Even if I say this I'm not trying to put down any of you. But, have you tried to discuss the article itself?

Anyway, this article has given you probably some basic things that you need to know. This article has probably helped you into making your first step. Don't just try to say, "Oh please read my comment! And I hope you'll help me!!~ :D" Why won't you take the person's advice and go for auditions, practice more, get lessons?

Don't just say that you love to sing, because trust me, everyone who commented loves to sing as well. I mean, I love to sing myself, and people are always telling me that I have a great voice, and even my piano teacher says that I have a great voice. But just because someone says that to me doesn't mean that I should pursue into that kind of occupation.

However, there was never a time that I stopped thinking about becoming a singer. And if I want to become a singer, then I'll do it my own way. Not that I'm trying to put down any of you. I'm just saying.


my name is nadine and i really want to become a singer. i have a really good voice at singing. I've been wanting to sing for the past two years.


I'm a 14 year old girl. And I love singing. I write music, and lyrics. I come from a musical family, me and my sisters can sing, we get it from my dad. I can play just about every interment. My dad has a recording studio behind our house. He makes his own CDs, and people from our town come to our studio, and record/ make a CD. I am in the process of recording a CD. I would love to be a singer, any help or suggestions on what I should do next?


I am 11 and love to sing almost too much. I have been thinking about Australia's Got Talent? any help?


I'm danny and I'm a 16 year old student who really wants to become a singer because singing is my passion. I've been singing for four years now and for those four years I've been wishing i could become a professional singer, making my own songs and singing them.

People know me as "soundwave" because some of my music is pretty loud at some points and people say I'm really good at singing.

i really want to become a singer so badly and i want to tour the uk singing my own songs. i wish there is someone here who can help me make my dream come true.

i sing and love music, R&B, Rock, etc. depending on my mood i was going to put myself online, but it's going to be a bit pointless, really. i want to become a professional singer the professional way.

Please can someone help me! I really want to become a singer so badly!


I love singing, it has been my dream for years now. i hope someone can help me out with this soon. Thank you!


My name is Ciannia and I sing all the time. I have went to several camps and loved those experiences with the instructors.

I mostly sing gospel, but just to get a career, I'll do whatever it takes. I would love to make a lot of money just to help my family and friends. I just don't want anybody to take advantage of me and my talent. I would love all the help I can have.


I love to sing, singing is my passion! My father was in a band and my roots are filled with music! Ive started singing since I was in 4th grade and now I'm going to high school I participate in talent shows and in my church choir. I want to know if someone can help me become a singer.


I'm 14, 15 in december and i really want to become a singer. My friends and family believe i can sing. my expected grade in GCSE music is a B/A. i just hope this isn't a fake website as this is what i have always dreamed of.

It's not just to become famous and i know it isn't going to happen over night. But i hope you can help me.

thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope you can help me. I'm really serious about this. Thank you.


My name is Tamera and i am really good at singing. i sang at my talent show and i won first place and ever since then i think that i can make this career come true.

i am 12 years old and i want to become a singer very badly. my dad knows some people and they are my last hope of making my dream come true. and i want to know how to make a demo and send it in so i can become a national singer.


I've been singing for quite a long time, about six years, and i want to be a singer but i don't know how.

I really do want to be one, but i just don't know how. Please help me. I'll be waiting!


i really want to become a singer so badly. i have been singing in front of people so many times and i feel like everyone was looking up on me.


me and my best friend are serious about becoming singers, and i really don't think i can sing. we want to be in a group together but I'll let her down. what should i do?


music and acting are my passion. i want this really bad. i love music. i believe without music there's no life. music is inspiring; it helps you with tough times, and i always loved to sing. I'm actually not bad at singing. It's my dream. I pray one day to be.

I also write songs so it comes from my heart all the words that i sing. It really means something and it can also help someone like it has helped me.

Acting is very similar. I love to act in dramas and all this movie stuff. I like to be in like inspirational movies. acting is everything too, so i think i'll be star material because i love the work. Not just to become famous, but it's who i really am.

i hope this is real and not just a fake website because I'm really serious about this and i hope that i'll have a chance to do this. thank you for taking your time to read this. thank you.

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