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How do I Become a Repo Man?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Repossession or recovery agents, also known as repo men, take back property such as vehicles, boats, and sometimes homes when a person has failed to pay for the item as agreed. While there is no special degree needed to become a repo man, some states require repo men to have a license. There are also a few items to consider that will make becoming a repo man easier: training, special tools, and knowledge of where to find work.

Before taking the necessary steps to become a repo man, one should consider the responsibilities and dangers associated with the job. Rates of pay for repo men vary and work can fluctuate with the economy. It may not be feasible to expect to earn a living from repo work initially.

Some states require repo men to have a driver's license.
Some states require repo men to have a driver's license.

Repo men often must work odd hours and weekends. One should also keep in mind that being a repo man involves taking property from individuals, and generally these people are not happy about it. People may react in a belligerent or violent manner. Sometimes, this type of work can take a toll emotionally. Remembering that a repo man legally takes back property that has not been paid for can help.

Many places offer training courses that give tips and tricks on becoming a repo man. While not necessary, these may prepare a person for the job. One should check with the state in question to make sure that no special license is needed to become a repo man. This is the first and most vital step, which will then allow one to begin searching for jobs.

Having a few specific tools can make it easier to become a repo man. Since most repo jobs will involve taking back vehicles, access to a tow truck is a must. Some areas may require the use of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a tow truck. Items such as slim Jims, auto jiggler keys, and tow hitches will all help with a repo job as well.

Once proper licensing and training has been obtained and tools are acquired, finding repo jobs is the last step needed to become a repo man. It may be helpful to prepare a resume that highlights any special training courses or abilities, to prepare business cards that have pertinent contact information, and to design fliers for advertising your services. One could also contact local collection agencies to solicit work. Contacting local repo agencies could provide a job or more valuable training with existing repo men.

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Discussion Comments


I think I could become a repo man if I needed to pick up some extra income. My brother-in-law owns a tow truck, and I used to be a mechanic. I just wonder if there would be enough work in my area to make getting a license worthwhile. I guess talking to the banks in town would be a good first step.

As far as dealing with angry people is concerned, I've got a black belt in Jujitsu and I carry a pistol wherever I go. I can protect myself if I have to.


I don't think I could ever become a repo man, considering how dangerous the job could be. I've seen people get their cars repossessed, and it's not a good day. The repossession team usually hooked up the car first, and only presented paperwork if the owner happened to be there. It was not unusual for a person to wake up in the morning and discover his or her car was already gone.

I've only had to get a vehicle back from a repo man one time. It wasn't my car, but it belonged to a female relative. She brought the payments up to date, and the bank released the car back to her. I had to contact the actual repo company that towed the car from her driveway.

It was like something out of a spy movie. The voice on the phone told me a location where someone would contact me face-to-face. That person told me to get in their car, and we drove to a secret location where her car was parked. It was in rough condition, but driveable. I'm glad my car is paid for, considering the alternative.

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    • Some states require repo men to have a driver's license.
      By: beeboys
      Some states require repo men to have a driver's license.