How do I Become a Regional Operations Manager?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Companies frequently are spread throughout geographic regions and require a tight network of management in order to get business done. The person in charge of overseeing a particular region for a company is its regional operations manager. If you want to become a regional operations manager, you will need to become in expert in the company, learn to handle a leadership position and have vision for accomplishing goals.

If you wish to become a regional operations manager, you will need a great deal of experience and education. Most regional managers have at least a bachelor's degree, if not a master's degree, in business. In addition, these are usually upper management positions and require several years of experience at other jobs within the company. This is helpful, because it allows you to learn the entire company inside and out so you can make sound decisions as a regional manager.

You will have many responsibilities when you become a regional operations manager. Your biggest duty will be overseeing an entire region or branch of a business to ensure that it is meeting its revenue expectations and business goals. This is done by communicating expectations to managers and employees so that the proper work is being completed. You also must be effective at budgeting, because your region ideally should bring in more money than it spends, and you must be able to think of ways to make the business more efficient. You also must stay on top of all business that is done because you frequently will need to report to a main office about your region's progress.

When you become a regional operations manager, you will have to juggle several jobs at once, and you will need leadership skills and an ability to travel. Leadership abilities are crucial to a regional manager because you will have many employees under you, looking for guidance. You must be an excellent communicator and a people person to help steer these people in the best direction. You also must be willing to travel, because a regional office often is comprised of several smaller offices or stores that you must visit. Traveling and speaking face-to-face with employees is an important way to get a full understanding of a business in order to become a successful regional operations manager.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase