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How Do I Become a Project Assistant?

Terry Masters
Terry Masters

This job of a project assistant is an entry level position that is staffed in almost every industry. The specific requirements will differ based on the industry and will tend to be more extensive the more professional or exclusive the work environment. You can become a project assistant by gaining experience in administrative support, coordination and logistics and applying for the position in an industry where you have some topical education or interest.

From technology to construction to entertainment, project assistants are hired in virtually every industry. The job is comparable to an executive assistant position, except instead of providing administrative support to a particular executive, the assistant provides support for a particular project. Typically, the reason the position is designated as a project assistant rather than as an executive or administrative assistant is because it is carried on the budget of a project, and the designation is a reminder of the specific assignment.

Project assistants should have experience in logistics and coordination.
Project assistants should have experience in logistics and coordination.

At the entry level in an industry that does not require professional or specialty expertise, you can become a project assistant by demonstrating basic office skills, computer literacy and outstanding organizational skills. There is no specific educational requirement for this type of position. You can gain the functional skills through a combination of training or classes taken at community colleges, universities or proprietary trade schools. An employer will expect your credentials and previous work experience to demonstrate your overall competence, and for you to have some interest in the underlying industry.

The project assistant position in certain professional and specialty industries often requires additional credentials. Some positions will require an applicant to have experience with certain project management software. Other positions will necessitate formal education credentials, such as an associate's or bachelor's degree. You can become a project assistant in these industries by gaining the credentials requested and taking training or certification classes to shore up your administrative skills, particularly if the industry uses specific types of project management software.

Since the project assistant position is typically considered entry level, the job announcement is often widely circulated. You can find open positions by using the human resources section of the website of any company that you target as a potential employer or by using the popular Internet-based job search websites. Whether the position is general or specialty, the job announcement will focus on organizational competency and your ability to manage and multi-task. To become a project assistant, you should exhibit a consistent “can do” attitude and have a wide range of general administrative skills to back up that disposition.

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    • Project assistants should have experience in logistics and coordination.
      By: endostock
      Project assistants should have experience in logistics and coordination.